The Annual Gathering

The Annual Gathering is one of the oldest traditions of Mensa, dating back to 1948 in England.

In Switzerland, we meet each year in September for our 3-day Annual Gathering (AG) in another city of Switzerland. The AG usually starts on Friday with city tours, events and interesting lectures in the afternoon, and the Icebreaker (or Welcome Dinner) in the evening. The General Assembly takes place on Saturday morning and is followed by more events and talks in the afternoon. Saturday evening is the traditional Gala Dinner. On Sunday, a final event takes place that usually ends around noon or in the early afternoon. Please note that Annual Gatherings don't have to follow this schedule - it's just how they usually have been in the last 5 years. 

List of Annual Gatherings of Mensa Switzerland

2000 Zurich
2001 Geneva
2002 Lucerne
2003 Basel
2004 Lenzburg
2005 Winterthur
2006 Bern
2007 Lausanne
2008 Lugano
2009 Schaffhausen
2010 Bern
2011 Lucerne
2012 Grenchen
2013 Montreux
2014 Basel
2015 Visp
2016 Chur, Minutes (pdf)
2017 Geneva
2018 Thun
2019 Martigny
2020 ?

Do you - ideally a team of 2 to 4 members from your region - want to organize the next Annual Gathering? Please tell the board (, and we will provide all the support you need. We are happy to receive applications.