Photocup 2012 - Entries in National Competition

*** Update: The winning entries have been decided by your vote:

  • "Winter" by Esther Naef, 1st prize
  • "Iceland" by Nik Bieri is tied with
  • "Traffic Junctions" by Anna Maetzener for an equal 2nd prize.

These three entries have been promoted to the International Photocup. For easier reference, I re-ordered the album so you can find them at the top of this album.

Congratulations to all winners & thanks to all participants and voters for supporting this competition.

End of Update ***

In this photo album you find all entries into the National Photocup competition. The motto this year is "Unique Structures".
The entry dead line has passed, in this album you can find all entries tha arrived until 30th of June.

Voting via Doodle is open here:

Voting Instructions:

  • Please state your Name, membership no, and private email for verification purposes.
    Example: Donald Duck, 31313,
  • Vote for a maximum of three entries. I will consider only those votes, that selected at max 3 times a YES.
    All other entries will be ignored (no voting of maybe or no, no entries with 4 or more yes votes).
  • No user will be able to see who voted and what was vote for, but me as the organizer.
  • Voting closes on the August 19th for a timely dispatch to Mensa International.