Gifted Children

Since Wednesday various countries have presented their countries and what they have done during the last year. There are many impressing approaches – and this perfectly reflects the diversity in our world.

The most impressive presentation was the one of Ranko Rajovic from Serbia. He is working on a Gifted Children Program, that’s really amazing. He has various materials for working with children in the Kindergarten age – not only for gifted children, but for all children.

The very first day

 It’s the very first time that I can attend a meeting like the IBD: together with 40 other Mensans I’m sitting around a huge table and I’m wondering how things will go on. In fact, the first impression is not very good: From my point of view, it’s at least as chaotic as our GA. Well – I will try to do my best….. 


Arriving at New Zealand

New Zealand is for away from home: It took me a 23 hours travel (from lift oft in Zurich to touchdown in Auckland). I was very curious about the new A380 – so I was looking for a flight scheduled for this new thing. And it was worth the effort: I have never experienced such a quiet and smooth travel by plane. The shock was the second segment from Singapore to Auckland: the wings of the 777 were so small compared to the A380 – but the thing was flying!

Added a new feature: blogs

Just finished implementing the blog feature. Each user now has a personal blog.