"Brillenträger und andere Kopffüssler" (NZZ-Artikel 22.12.2010)

22. Dezember 2010, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Zeit und Gott

Vor kurzem führte ich eine hitzige Diskussion mit einem Freund. Es ging um die Zeit. Ich versuchte ihm zu erklären, dass ich als Teenager nicht an die Zeit glaubte. Ich war immer der Meinung, Zeit sei ein gesellschaftliches Konstrukt. Mir waren kausale Abläufe natürlich bewusst, jedoch sah ich diese als eine Veränderung der Materie an, nicht als vergehende Zeit.

Mensa and Web - quo vadis ?

You know already my approach: do not try to work on all possible topics at the same time. So concerning my actual work at the IBD, I’ve decided to concentrate on the web.


Photographer of the year

Some of you may remember our Swiss photo contest? I'm very happy to inform you about the results of the International Photo contest Smile

As you can see, a Swiss has won the third price!

Congratulation to Paul !!! I've got a souvenir book I will forward to you as soon as I'm back in Switzerland. 

For the further results please refer to the attached presentation of Ranko Rajovic.

Gifted Children

Since Wednesday various countries have presented their countries and what they have done during the last year. There are many impressing approaches – and this perfectly reflects the diversity in our world.

The most impressive presentation was the one of Ranko Rajovic from Serbia. He is working on a Gifted Children Program, that’s really amazing. He has various materials for working with children in the Kindergarten age – not only for gifted children, but for all children.

The very first day

 It’s the very first time that I can attend a meeting like the IBD: together with 40 other Mensans I’m sitting around a huge table and I’m wondering how things will go on. In fact, the first impression is not very good: From my point of view, it’s at least as chaotic as our GA. Well – I will try to do my best….. 


Arriving at New Zealand

New Zealand is for away from home: It took me a 23 hours travel (from lift oft in Zurich to touchdown in Auckland). I was very curious about the new A380 – so I was looking for a flight scheduled for this new thing. And it was worth the effort: I have never experienced such a quiet and smooth travel by plane. The shock was the second segment from Singapore to Auckland: the wings of the 777 were so small compared to the A380 – but the thing was flying!