Books written by Mensans

Several Mensa members have written their own books. These books cover a wide range of genres from science fiction to fantasy, entrepreneurship, self-help, or political science. This page lists some of the many books whose authors are members of Mensa.

Cover Image Title Language Year Tags ISBN-13sort icon
English 1985 Intelligence, Mensa 0-09-466040-9
Highest Duty
English 2009 Biography 978-0061924699
The Da Vinci Code
English 2009 978-0307474278
Critical Path
English 1982 (2nd revised edition) History, Philosophy 978-0312174910
The Clan of the Cave Bear
English 1984 978-0553250428
The Gods Themselves
English 1990 Science Fiction 978-0553288100
It doesn't take a hero
English 1993 Biography, Military 978-0553563382
International Perspectives on Home Education
English 2015 Educational Psychology 978-1-137-44684-8
Entertainment Engineering
English 2014 Entertainment, Technology 978-1304351838
How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big
English 2014 978-1591847748
Making the difference
English 2010 978-1863358101
Sleeping Truth
English 2014 Mystery 978-1937416027
Adultes sensibles et doués
Français 2015 978-2738132260
121 jeux d'intelligence
Français 2009 Puzzles 978-2754014373
Das alte China
Deutsch 2014 Asien, Bildband, China, China unplugged, Deng Xiao-ping, Fotografie, Mao Zedong, Reisebericht, Reportage, Stadtentwicklung, vier Modernisierungen, Zeitgeschichte 978-3-906283-00-5
Old China
English 2014 Asia, China, China unplugged, Deng Xiao Ping, four modernization, History, illustrated book, Mao Zedong, Photography, report, travelogue, urban Development 978-3-906283-01-2
Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
English 2008 Philosophy 978-3037781265
English 2014 978-3404169757
Die Foundation-Trilogie
Deutsch 2006 (7. Auflage) Science Fiction 978-3453164178
Talent-Management spezial
Deutsch 2014 978-3658031824
Fröscheküssen für Anfänger
Deutsch 2014 978-3732298747
Wie ich werde, was ich bin
Deutsch 2010 Coaching, Intelligence 978-3839112885
Deutsch 2013 Krimi, Thriller 978-3839213919
Das Universum, das Ich und der liebe Gott
Deutsch 2017 978-3981836684
Gifted workers
English 2013 Giftedness 978-9048900978
La Pentecôte des Robots
Français 2018 9782940586813