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Silvensa - The International Mensa New Year's Eve Event

Silvensa, the European Mensa New Year's Party. It can be seen as the successor of the Silvester parties of Mensa Germany, which were held until 2013. Silvensa became international in 2014 and attracted guests from over 18 different coutries.

List of Silvensas

AG - American Mensa Gathering

The American Mensa Annual Gathering (AG) is the largest Mensa event in North America. It was introduced in 1963, has taken place each year since then, and today spans 5 days from Wednesday to Sunday. Each day offers several parallel tracks of events and lectures. The first meetings were attended by around 160 Mensans. Attendance went up to over 2000 participants in the last years.

List of North American Mensa Annual Gatherings

AMAG - Asian Mensa Gathering

AsiaThe Asian Mensa Annual Gathering (AMAG) is the largest Mensa event in Asia. It was introduced in 2011, has taken place each year since then, and usually spans 4 days from Friday to Sunday. Each day offers several parallel tracks of events and lectures. Between 200 and 400 Mensans attended the previous AMGs.

List of Asian Mensa Annual Gatherings

Mensa Poland Annual Gathering 2014

19.06.2014 (All day)
20.06.2014 (All day)
21.06.2014 (All day)
22.06.2014 (All day)
Słok, Łódź voivodeship, Poland

The official invitation from the organizer is below.
Feel free to contact me with your questions.




On behalf of the Polish Mensa I’m pleased to invite you for our Annual Gathering, which is going to be held from 19.06.2014 to 22.06.2014. You can already arrive on Wednesday, June 18th and stay until Monday, June 23rd, as many Mensans will do.


We would like you to come because it is a great opportunity to meet Mensans from countries other than yours:) Most participants can speak English, as well as other foreign languages (including Esperanto) so there is no need to speak Polish.Don’t worry that you will be alienated. We can actually guarantee you that you won’t!


Vancouver Mensa Regional Gathering 2014

01.08.2014 (All day)
02.08.2014 (All day)
03.08.2014 (All day)
04.08.2014 (All day)
Richmond, BC, Canada

Greetings Mensans,

We are Vancouver Mensans organizing a 2014 Regional Gathering.

We would like to welcome international Mensans to join our event.

Annual Gathering 2013

13.09.2013 - 16:00
14.09.2013 - 10:00
15.09.2013 - 10:00

Dear Member,

We cordially invite you to the Annual Gathering 2013 (AG), which will take place in Montreux from September 13 to 15. As usual, the General Assembly is part of the AG and takes place on Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm, at the Hotel Helvetie.

We are looking forward to meeting many Mensans from all of Switzerland!


Friday, September 13

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Jahrestreffen Mensa Deutschland in Freiburg

09.04.2014 - 19:00
10.04.2014 - 09:00
11.04.2014 - 09:00
12.04.2014 - 09:00
13.04.2014 - 09:00
Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschland


Vom 9. bis 13. April findet das Jahrestreffen von Mensa in Deutschland im grenznahen Freiburg/Breisgau statt.


Die Events können auf der Mensa Buchungsseitegebucht werden. 


Alle Schweizer Mensaner sind herzlich zur Teilnahme an den verschiedenen Veranstaltungen eingeladen. Mehr Informationen findet Ihr auf unserer Homepage.



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Visit at the buddhist monastery

15.09.2013 - 10:00

Hi everyone

We have the possbility to visit the buddhist monestary at the Mont-Pèlerin near Montreux. Unfortunately they still have semester vacation then so probably we won't have a guide. Still we may have a look at the monastery and the surroundings. It has a great view down the hill over the lake. If we are lucky though we may have a discussion with the buddhists residing there.

We will depart from the Hotel at 09:20 and be there at about 10:30. We would leave at about 14:00 but that is not fix.

Sign up not necessarely required.

No costs apart from the public transportation.

Kind regards

Sebastian Grünenwald