«Glass Road» wins «Mensa Preference 2014»!

For the third time, Mensa Switzerland awarded the game prize «Mensa Preference» for the best board game released in the last year.

In September the passionate game players in our High IQ Society started to test the games they liked best and which they deemed to deserve recognition for their complexity and the fun they provide. On January 1st a primary selection was presented, consisting of 10 games from all sorts of genres. In the middle of March, they decided on the five finalists.

In April, the members met to elect the winner of the second edition of «Mensa Preference». The choice fell on «Glass Road» by Uwe Rosenberg. The ingenious game requires prudent management of the ressources that are always in short supply. In order to use the ressources most efficiently, the player's own action cards must be employed as cleverly as possible. If you want to optimize your actions you should never forget to pay attention to the aims of the opponent players. The variety of options guarantees that each game provides a different dynamic. «Die Glasstrasse» contains all elements to make it a crowd favorite.

On account of the success of the third edition of «Mensa Preference», the forth edition begins in August of 2014. Game events will also be held at various places in Switzerland, to offer the participants a chance to play the games and give their votes.