10 games on the long list for the prize «Mensa Preference 2014»

For the third time Mensa Switzerland awards the game prize «Mensa Preference». The award is dedicated to the best game published in 2013. The following 10 games are on the long list:

«Blueprints» by Yves Tourigny (Z-Man Games)
«La Boca» by Inka Brand, Markus Brand (Kosmos)
«Bora Bora» by Stefan Feld (Alea/Ravensburger)
«Bruxelles 1893» von Etienne Espreman (Pearl Games/Heidelbär)
«Die Glassstrasse» by Uwe Rosenberg (Feuerland)
«Manno Monster» by Marco Teubner (Kosmos)
«Nosferatu» by Pierre-Yves Lebeau (Grosso Modo)
«Packet Row: New York, 1842» by Ase Berg, Henrik Berk (Pegasus Spiele)
«Swiss IQ» by Hadi Barkat, Sébastian Pauchon (Helvetiq)
«30 carats» by Fabien Chevillon (Grosso Modo)

Based on this list, in the next few months 5 candidates will be selected. The winner of the «Mensa Preference 2014» will be decided by the jury of Mensa members and announced at the Mensa-Spieletag in Zürich on April 13, 2014.