FAQ (rejoin, transfer …)

Apply For The Guest Membership

If you already are a member of Mensa in another country, you can apply for the guest membership in Mensa Switzerland.

Transfer from another Mensa

If you would like to transfer to Mensa Switzerland from another Mensa, contact us at office@mensa.ch, provide the name of the country you want to transfer from and your membership number in your current Mensa.

Rejoin Mensa Switzerland

Have you been a member of Mensa Switzerland before and would like to join us again? Contact us at office@mensa.ch and send us your previous Mensa admission letter.

You lost your test result?

We keep the test results for 10 years. If you took the Mensa test less than 10 years ago, you can still join without taking the test again, since we still have your result. If your test was more than 10 years ago though, we are sorry, but you will have to take the test again.