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Mensa Switzerland
3000 Bern

Mensa Finance
8000 Zürich
IBAN: CH20 0070 0110 0066 6900 1
Mensa Member Services
8000 Zürich
Mensa Switzerland - National Supervisory Psychologist
8000 Zürich


National Supervisory Psychologist

  Isabel Hotz, MSc UZH in Psychology
  psy -at-

  Before writing to the NSP,
  check whether the information you are
  looking for is available here

  - IQ tests and results
  - Admission requirements

Membership Office

  Cirsten Novellino 
  office -at-

  Before writing to the Membership Office,
  check whether the information you are
  looking for is available 

  - Rejoin or transfer your membership
  - Guest membership


 Board: board -at-

 Natalia Malysheva
 Marketing & Media, Communication, Mensa Inside
 chair -at-



 Silvia Ackermann
 Member Services, Events, 
silvia.ackermann -at-




 Stephan Langenbach
.langenbach -at-




 Yvonne Batt
yvonne.batt -at-




 Pierre Fevrier-Vincent
Marketing and Media, Gifted Children
 pierre.fevrier-vincent  -at-






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