Welche Hobbys haben die Mitglieder von Mensa?

Womit beschäftigen sich Mensaner und Mensanerinnen in ihrer Freizeit?

Die Antwort findest du hier auf dieser Seite, wo wir die Liste der Hobbys abdrucken, wie sie unsere Mitglieder angegeben haben.

Hobbys unserer weiblichen Mitglieder

Tennis, Lesen, Skifahren, Schwimmen
Lesen, diskutieren, neues lernen
Trekking, Voyages, Literature, Art, Music
my daughters, cooking, sports, reading, cinema, travelling, theater
Travel, Asia, Books, Pets, meeting new people from differnet cultures
music (singer, hurdy-gurdy player to-be), nature, natural sciences, sketching
Music, Literature, Cooking, TV and Movies
Reading, Movies, Arts, Shooting
art, sport, music,
Ski, Photos, Nature, Voyages
Physics, Mathematics, Sciences, Piano, Reading
Internet, Philosophy, Painting, Astrology
lecture, art, politique, histoire, culture
Musique, Science
opera, reading, horseriding, art
Reading, Hiking, Travelling, Movies
hiking, nordic walking, psychology, philosophy
Tanzen, Reisen, Rätseln, Handarbeiten
piano, golf
Paragliding, Photography
music, photo, sciences
Skiing/Snowboarding, Hiking, Running, Art Museums, Cooking
Theater, Cycling, Hiking
Music (classical), Theatre, Reading, Cultural Journeys
Reading, Yoga, Meditation, Travelling, Hiking, Cross-Country Skiing
Ski, Cinema, Musees, randonnee
Travel, Food, Wine, Skiing, Tennis, Sailing, Motorboat, Horseriding
Underwaterrugby, Reading, Diving, be creative and having fun
geology, walking, cinema, concerts, travelling, eating
Musique, Art, Sciences, Philosophy, Literature, Ecriture
Travel, Diving, Literature, Movies, Gastronomy, Wines
music, walking, nature, gaming
Theater, Literatur, Taekwondo, Games
learning languages, reading, writing
parapsychology, psychology, politics, reading, religion, medicin
Trail running, oil painting, reading, physics, anthropology
Ice Skating, Sports, Literature, Travel
music, travelling, nature, animals, art, education
Travelling, Writing, Wine, Arts, Photography, Dancing, Music
Personal Development
Travel, Sports, Music, Animals
Variés, changeants
Travelling, Reading, Skiing, Playing the Piano
maths, go, dance, art
History, Cryptography, Salsa, Travel, Reading, Logic Games
sciences, jeux, candonnée, couture
Lesen / Musik hören
Sailing, Music, Languages, Hiking, Gardening
Swimming, Crafting, Nature, Programming, Enviroment
Cycling, Moutainbike, Tibetan medicine
meditation, yoga, well-being, feng shui
Arts, Musique, Langues, Passages Secrets
Reading, Writing, Walking, Meditating, Swimming
Education, Computer
Science, Mathe, food, culture
Arts, Sciences, Sports
hiking, biking, yoga, foodsaving, neuroscience, languages, running
Fragile (Verein für hirnverletzte Menschen), Markt, Spielen
sports, music, science, history, law, photography
Kreatives Basteln, Familie
Flamenco, Sports, Intercultural differences, Travelling, Scuba Diving
Weblogs, new media
Travel, Photography, Astronomy, foreign Languages
cooking, gardening, reading
Greek, Mythology, Etymology, Archeology, Writing (taquiner la Muse), Psychogenealogy, Medecine, Friends, Travel
danse, hiking, taking care of my 3 Children
Sports, Science, Scouting
Judo, Freunde treffen, lesen
hiking, skiing, horse riding, creative cookery, choral singing, travel, wellness, linguistics/languages
philosophy, psychology, politics, programming, procastrination
Fotografie, Lesen, Internet
climbing, sailing, horseback riding, skiing, yoga, reading
Politics, Psychology, Anthropology, Music
drawing, volleyball, yoga
Lesen, Zeichnen, Schreiben
Natur, Tanzen, Yoga, Backen
social dance, languages, sports, food, conversation
Botany, Ornithology, Literature
(Snow) Sports, Politics, Literature
Space Science, Sports
Art, Programming, animation
Snowboarding, climbing, photography, canoeing, Scotland, writing, International Security
Psychology, Molecular and Human Biology, Gaming, Traveling, Meeting new People, new cultures and new ideas
Studiying, reading, music, travel - and so many other things...
choir, outdoor activities, environment
Astronomie, Medizin
DIY, Learning, Traveling, Gardening.
Speleology, Scuba Diving, Photography, Reading, Knitting, Computer
Reading, Cooking, Piano, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Anything that has to do with art
Hiking, (kite-)surfing, sailing, skiing, board games, new tech / digital innovation
Languages, Reading, Sports, Astronomy, Crosswords
Music, Movies, Travelling, Hiking, Sewing
Line Dance, play games, reading
Music, Art, Reading, Cinema, Cars, Sailing
cooking, reading, gardening, DIY
Reading, Hiking, Psychology, Dogs, Wolves
Human Behaviour/ Human Potential / Animal Communication/ Rabbits/ Conflict Management
Ballet, Social Dances, Hiking
sports (alpinism, yoga, cycling, swimming...), cooking and eating, travelling, photography, literature
My son, languages, traveling, writing, dancing
Karate, Reiten, Malen, Zeichnen, Querflöte, Skifahren
Reading, Floorball, Sport, Forensic Science
Writing, creating POM's, acting, walking, thinking
Reading, Travelling, Photography, Nature, Animals, Medicine, Science
sports, travelling, wikipedia reading
Climbing, Biking, Skiing, Reading, Hearing Music
entrepreneurship, finance, law
Runnning, Skydiving, Scubadiving
Lecture, films, musique
Art, Science, Musique, Thaetre, Literature
Music, Dance, Horseback Riding
too many interrests .... scubadiving, books, hiking, books, diving and of corse books
Iyengar Yoga, Reading, Thinking
Sports, Travel, Cinema, Fine Foods
Reading, Philosophy, Karate
Books, travel, Documentary movies, Movies, Going out, Sudoku
music, dessin, chant
Musik, Singen, Tanzen
Drawing, Fine Arts, Calligraphy, Singing, Swimming
Reading, travelling, Discussions, our dog, inviting friends
musique, neurosciences, philanthropie
Klettern, Lesen, Wandern
diving, ski, cinema, reading
Horses, Music, Computers, Philosophy, Books
hiking, playing music, dancing, singing, handicraft, board games
Joggen, Bogenschiessen, Querflöte
hiking, traveling, photographing, reading
Travelling, Reading, Culture, Flea markets
Arts, culture, nature, musique, bien-être, sports
Lesen, Psychologie, Reisen, Aquaristik, Stricken
Science, Games, Fishing, Snowboarding
Guitar, Mandolin, Bibel, Woodworking, Travel, Outdoors
maths, theatre, art, travelling
hiking, cycling, touring the near-Munich Alpine region with my cabriolet, enjoying the summer with friends in Bavarian "beer gardens"
Dance, Gastronomie, Fitness, arts
Sciences, Movies, Music, Computer
Sport (basket) voyages, sciences, neurosciences
Kunst, Malen
voyage, lecture, valley, chant, vie associative
Riding, Horse+Dog Training, Swimming, Snowboarding, Surfing,Skiing, Travelling, Animals, Computer&Informatics, Movies, listening to Music, PC Games, having fun :-)
Yoga, traveling, almost everything
Languages, Literature, Travels, Science, Nature, Dog training, Sports,...
climbing hiking escalade randonnée
Musik, Mathe, Sprachen
Tennis, Randonnées, Ski, Voyages, Voile, Littérature, Cinéma, Peinture, Cuisine du monde, Oenologie, Aroma- et Phytothérapie, Reiki, Danse classique, Théâtre, Psychologie, Sciences
Music, Painting, Books, Writing, Films, Baking, Travel, Thinking, Sleeping
Reading, Movies, Travelling, Music
Sport, Garten, Reisen, Musik
Sports, Biology, Psychology
Reading, Science, I play the violin and am a youth leader.
Ski-touring, Mountaineering, Tennis, Theater, Cinema
neurosciences, astronomie
Mountains, Ski
Cooking, eating, reading, travelling, wine drinking & trashy music of the 2000s.
Reiten, Politik, Aerobic, Line Dance, Country, Snowboard, Eishockey
art, books/manga, music, languages, videogames, anime/movies
Backen, Tiere
History (especially British medieval history), languages, linguistics, hiking, boardgames, contract bridge
Visual Arts, Culinary Traditions, Jazz Music, Stand-Up Comedy, Golf
Folktales / Reading
Sciences, Sport, Languages, Music
farming, skiing
Roman Architecture, Wine, Travel, Jogging, Skiing
Stricken, Metal Clay, Scrapbooking
Sailing, Horse Riding, Skiing, Games, Clarinet
Philosophie, Anthropologie, Geschichte, Psychologie, Phytotherapie
Music, Reading, Politics, Arts, Travelling
Tanzen, Turnen, Klavier, Mathematik
Jeux de société
Malen, Kunst, Literatur
Jogging, Tae Bo, Curling, Singing, Reading
Sport, Geocaching, Technology
Musik, Literatur, Reisen
Politics, Coaching, Education, Lifelong Learning
Sports, NLP, Family
Lesen, Puzzle, Babysitting, Singen
Traveling, Scuba Diving
Snowboarding, Reading
Writing, Archery, Coding, Reading, Theatre
orienteering, outdoorsports, writing, reading, travelling, handlettering, music and arts
Bridge, Cooking, Riding, Geocoaching
Hiking, Physics Olympiad, ...
Consciousness research, sustainable finance
Read, Golf, Travel, Games, Learn
Philosophy, Astronomy, Gaming, Hiking, Biking, Literature, Music...
Snowboard, Hip Hop, Salsa, Psychologie
Travels, Mountain activities, Art ...
Segeln, Lesen
Voyages, randonnée, chant, lecture, théâtre, cinéma, ski, plongée
Horseriding, Traveling in Africa, Opera, Badminton
Sports, Pianoforte
peinture, dessin, chant, couture, tricot, patisserie, sport, ufologie
Swimming, climbing, yoga, jogging, biking, hiking, reading...
Swing/Lindy Hop, Gesellschaftsspiele
Yoga, ski, danse, equitation, art
football referee, trombone playing, jazz
Tennis, Scuba Diving, Movies, Books
reading, travelling, crafting, woodworking, gardening, history, science, art
Musik, Kunst
Lecture, philosophie, marche, dance, voayges, langues
Music, Psychology, Crossword puzzle, Travelling, Culture, History, Reading
Course à pied, yoga, lecture, jeux de société, théâtre, psychologie
Tauchen, VK
sports, painting
main focus right now LARPing and medieval markets/events, otherwise reading, fencing, traveling, hanging out with friends, triathlon, nature (although don't get a lot of that at the moment), ..... talk to me and find out
Reading, Languages and writing
Boardgames, Books
Kultur, Spiele, Quiz, Sprachen, Lesen, Basteln, neues Entdecken
Martial Arts, Jazz, Science
Mathe und Naturwissenschaft
Painting, drawing, psychology, personal development, quantum physics, spirituality
Dancing, Gymnastics, Gardening, Cooking, Hiking, Bartending, Cats, Psychology
climbing, reading
Healthy lifestyle, Sports, Zen, Minimalism
Films, musique, danse, pole dance, tennis, dessin, peinture
Piano, Bees, Guitar, Family
Piano, Cycling, Reading, Sailing
Karate, Essen/Kochen, Lesen, Wandern, Heimwerken
Drawing, Oil Painting, Swimming
Skiing, knitting, cooking
Reading, Music, Skiing, Travelling
Genealogy, Gardening
Books, Travel
Running, Reading, Programming
Gamen, Puzzle, Lesen
Gym, Skiing, Trekking, Travelling
Fencing, Mountain Biking, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Jogging
Music, Books, Nature, Cooking, Games
Musik, Sport, Lesen, Natur, Technik
Singing, Dancing, Music, Games (Board or Console), Writing, Reading, studying (not kidding)
Zeichnen, Rechnen
Hiking, Swimming
Literature, Music, Art, Creatin, Design, Science, Philisophy
Martial Arts, History, Art
Music, Mountain, Nature, Sports, Ping Pong, Reading, Garden
Hiking, Reading, Travelling
sports, snowboarding, basketball, electro music
Singen, Radtouren, Funcarving, Skitouren, Diskutieren
Music, Salsa, Inline und Rollschuhlaufen, Astrology, Travelling, Scuba Diving, Kick Boxing, Cooking
Kitesurfing, Salsa, Tennis, Yoga
Reading, gym, drawing and travelling
travelling, reading, writing, crafting
Music, Reading, Tap dance, Mountain bike, Jass, Dancing, Bible, People, Bowling
Sports, reading
Running, Triathlon,
swimming, tap dance, reading, photography
walking, caving, cayoning, inline skating, Travelling, reading, cooking, games
Books, TV Series, my Children
climbing, squash, skiing, jogging, travel
Lecture, Genealogie, Histoire familiale, Sudoku, Cuisine, Jardinage, Cinéma, Cartes postales anciennes
Travelling, Hiking, Cycling
Lesen, Schreiben, Sport, China
Travel, Nightlife, Psychology, Food
Music, Jazz, Programming, Art, Urban Interventions
sports, knitting, travelling
Reading, Dancing, Lace making, Archery
web design & development, MMOs, drawing, science fiction, fantasy, tinkering , calligraphy
Skiing, Painting, Dancing, Philosophy, Tennis
Nature, Art, Literature, Music
Ski, Squash
Lecture, Cinéma, animaux
Volcanology, Tectonics, Seismology, Geology
Horse riding, theatre, improvisation, windsurfing
Mythology, Mediocine, Psychology, History
Lesen, Gedichte & Romane schreiben, Meditation, Natur, Film, Fotografie
Genealogie, Social Network Analysis, Knowledge Management
Knitting, reading, aviation
Road bike, cycle touring, running, inline skating, reading
reading about medicine, spirituality and psychology,
Dancing, Theatre, Reading, Swimming, Skiing
Sailing, Ski, Books, Travel
Movies (Watching & Making), Organising Events (Concerts and Parties), Reading, Meeting people
Psychology, Neurosciences, Epigenetics, Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction, School of Mysteries Teachings, Meditation, Archeology, Writing, Acting, Drawing, Sci-fi, Hiking, Boxing, Yoga, Vegetarian Cooking...and so on and so on.
Reading, Video Games, Podcasts, Board Games
Hiking and outdoor sports, comics, games (board), arthouse films (e.g. Loach, Almodóvar)
Jeux de sociétes, alpinisme, lectures, peintures et mon ordi...
Reading, Dogs, Politics, Ethics
Lecture, Méditation, écriture
Languages, Literature, Singing, Cooking, Theatre, Cinema, History
Theater, Story telling, Middle age, Literatur, Travelling
Photography, Travel, Outdoors, Climbing, Literature
Motorrad, Gesellschaftsspiele
Sport, Cuisine, Technology
Sports, Movies
Literature, Opera, Medieval, Sailing, Arts, Neuropsychology, Painting, Nature
Books, Theatre, Travels, Cinema
Reading, painting, cooking, contact with friends, dancing
My Cats, SciFi, Technology, Nature
Reading, Cooking, Gardening, Knowledge Management, Knitting, Travelling, Hiking, Theatre, Scrabble
Informatics, Technology, Sport, Art, Cooking, Travelling
Photographie, Literature, Chant
observing, Music, Dance, Movies, Global Issues, Asia, Cultures, Languages, Organizing, Graphic Novels, Knowledge
Lesen, Singen, Reisen, Nordic Walking, Psychologie, Neurobiologie
Reading, Sports, Music, Politics
Reisen, Fotografieren
Sport, Ost-asiatische Kulturen, Lesen
Curiosity, news, reading, sports, travelling
Reiten, meine Hunde
Sciences, Psychology, Voyages, Politque
Piano, Drawing, Languages, Music, Thinking about random things
Travel, Walking, Swimming, Biking
Climbing, astronomy, literature, violin, phenomenology and Daseinanalys
Sports, fashion, reading, writing, travelling, cooking, webediting, our two cats
Dance, Arts, Music, Food & Drinks
Arts, Lecture
Sport, Bücher, Menschen
Neuroscience, Astronomy, Medicine
Sailing, Oriental Dance, Reading Science, Cooking, Art, Operas, Travelling, Mountain Biking, Skiing
Aktuell ein schwieriges Thema mit zwei kleinen Kindern, Teilzeitjob und Studium... Vielleicht später mal wieder.
Natural Sciences, Maths, Nature, Reading, Music
Musik, Biologie, Jungwacht + Blauring
Ancient cultures, Old books, Opera, Classical music
Sports, Sciences, Enigmes
Sport (Schwimmen, Wandern), Musik (Konsum & Singen), Filme, Rätsel, Reisen
Lecture, Peinture sur porcelaine, etc...
Neurodiversity and dyslexia in the workplace, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, playing keyboard, painting, swimming, paragliding, hiking, holistic nutrition, meditating in the Nature
Reading, Music, Japan, Knitting
psychology, cooking and eating, literature, movies, languages, geocaching
yalla chant
Umwelt, Klimawandel
Filme, Technik, Wissenschaft
Reading, Kniting, Sewing, Progamming
Painting, Photography, Riding, Reading, Nature, Travelling
contact improvisation, ortho-bionomy, zero waste, learning
Hiking, Painting, Bookbinding
Sport, Gesellschaft, Politik
Arts, Culture, Travelling
Schwimmen, Lesen, Sport
Sports, Playing Guitar, Gardening
Board Games, Dance, Photography, Cooking & Baking, Travels, Mind Games, Reading, Hiking
Reading, Arts, Graphics, Writing, Music, Swimming, Games, Collect
Family, Literatur, Gesang, Theater
psychology, family, ski, mountains
Bewegung, Natur
Trekking, Piano
Violine, Werken, Technik, Kreativität
classical music, games, excursions
Dessin, Cinema, Science, Métaphysique, Voyages, Jeux, Sport (arts martiaux et marche), Chant, Musique, Danse,
Movies, Sports, Reading, Dining
Puzzle solving, Hiking, Collecting Coins
Reading, Backing, Arts and crafts (with paper), Rugby
volleyball, scubadiving, science
Physics, Philosophy, Religions and Cultures
Hiking, Travelling, Choir
Hiking, Theatre, Culture
Dancing, Walking, Reading, Chess
lesen, schreiben, Filme, Musik, kochen, Sprachenlernen, Recht, rennen, spazieren gehen
MUSIQUE: Piano, chant, écouter concerts (orchestre et chant lyrique, classique)/ ART: dessin, aquarelle, pyrogravure, linogravure/ LECTURE / AUTRE: cinéma, théâtre, spectacle (divers)
Archéologie, Photo, Violon, Musees de sciences nat., graphisme, dessin, randonnée, VTT, aïkido
Running, hiking, beer tasting, cooking
tir à l'arc traditionnel, animés, jeux de société, pâtisserie
Horse Riding, Photography
passionée d'équitation naturelle et animaux, adore la nature, moto
Aikido, Meditation
Philosophy, Natur, gesellschaftl. Themen
Animals, reading, art, taking walks in nature
Schlümpf-music for fun Baden, reading, Comics
Lecture, Voyages, Gastronomie, Historie, Tennis,
psychologische Astrologie, Ausdruckstanz, Singen, Reisen
Scuba Diving, Bridge, Golf
Reading, Tango dancing, Cooking,, Playing games
Painting, Reading, Cultural Events
Lesen, Geocachen, Spielen...
Travelling, Reading, Music, Movies, Theatre, History, Pool / Billiard
Musik, Literature, Cooking, Dog, Psychology, Travelling
Philosophy, Spirituality, Politics, Acting, Traveling, Piano, Cooking, Dancing, Yoga, Diving, Veganism
Mountainbiking, Snowboarding, Biking, Mountains, Tragvelling, Cycling
Literature, Music, Art, Activities for Children, Travel, Ballroom Dancing
Klettern, Bouldern, Backen
Sports, Reading, Sewing
Sports, Dance, Music, Literature, Art, Theater
Culture of East Asia, tea, walking in nature, nice food
Travelling, Hiking, Skiing, Acroyoga, Reading
Music, Italy, Sports, reading, drawing,
Art, History, Philosophy, Humans Psychology, Spirituality, Travelling
Art history
Photographie, Peinture, Cinéma, Théâtre, Randonnée, Cuisine, ...
sciences, complex systems, animals, boardgames, modern dance, moral philosophy
Outdoor Sports, Languages, English Literature, Theatre
Sailing, Diving, Reading
Board Games, Reading, Quizzes, Handcraft
Sailing, Movies, Music,
Horses, other animals
Reading, Movies, Languages, Travelling, Internet, Politics
Cooking, Meeting new People, Reading, Boardgame, Zero Waste, Craft, Pyrography, Music, Nature
Writing and drawing comics, reading science fiction, binge-watching great TV shows
créer (musique, dessin, peinture, écriture), activités dans la nature
Travel, Reading, Violin, Diving
Lesen, Zeichnen, Outdoor, Aktivitäten
Voyages, langues, peinture, photographie, cuisine, violon, méditation, sport (randonnée, roller), famille
Literature, Art, Outdoor Sports, Travel
reading and writing, tennis, theatre, traveling
Football, Danse orientale, Voyages
Music, Dancing, Cats, Sewing, Embroidering
Sewing, Piano, Friends, Chemistry, Maths
writing, designing, books, art, Scotland, Whiskys
Cooking, Music, Nature
Yoga, Surf, Friends, Family, snowboard, Travel, Nature
Cooking, jazz singing, literature, photography, sailing, snowboarding, travelling
Music, Mountains, Animals
Kochen, Kunst, Singen
Ice Skating, Sports, Literature, Travel
Sport, Books, Business, Travel
Theatre, Movies, Writing, Opera, Inline-Skating
Klavier, Ballett
Lecture, films, voyager, nager
music (piano, guitar), reading, playing theatre
Reading, Nature
Windsurfing, Reading
Literature, Music, difference Cultures, History, Politics, Philosophy
Musique (violoncelle, chant), jardinage, balades en montagne, photographie
Cooking & Eating, Travelling & Explore
Jogging, schwimmen, Fernradreisen
Hiking, jogging, dancing, piano, reading, alternative medicine, personal development
Motorcycling, Skydiving
Travelling, Languages, Geography, Theater, Motorsports
Lesen, Joggen, Malen, Familie
Writing, reading, playing the accordion, hiking
holidays (citytravel - sea - diving - skiing - aso) / culture / cook / moving / movies / aso
Hiking, Singing, Travel
Voyages, musique, randonnée, mots croisés, lecture, scrabble et jeux de logique
my kids, discussions, politics, single parents, web design
travelling, hiking, wine&dine, scuba diving
Ingress, Technology, Poker
Reading, Travelling, Friends, Learning Russian, Sports, Games
Travelling, Music, Opera, Reading, Cooking, Philosophy, Puzzles, Politics
Travelling, Hiking, Reading, Gaming
outdoor, design, science
Reisen, Zeichnen, Musik, Foto, Film, Theater, Oper, Kunst, Reiten, Fitness
Photography, Travel, Books, Politics, Swimming, Diving, Storytelling, Hiking, Judo
Eiskunstlaufen, Chemie, Basteln, Werken
Sport, Lecture, Voyage
climate changes, Migration Adoption, Journalism, Photographie, Travelling
My family, Cooking, Gardening, Reading
Biology, Psychology, Nightlife, Modern Art
Painting, Writing, Art, Literature, Science, Yoga
typeface design, internet & online culture, music, reading, learning new things, traveling, hiking
Singing, Dancing, Skiing, Literature
Stricken, Wandern, Lesen, Hund, Gaming, Puzzles
Reading, Sports, Travelling, Programming, Enjoying life
singing, gospel-style-music
family, music, dance, cinema
Musique, Sports, Reading, Writing
Puzzle, Couture, Sport, Jardin
lecture, sport, peinture, enfants, les voyages
Biology, Archeology, Ecology, Movies, Travel, Holidays,
Ski, Cinema, Cuisine, Judo
History, Arts
Lesen, Gartenarbeit, Botanik, Insekten, Steine sammeln
Music, Arts, Reading, Painting
Animals, Science, Languages, Travel
Hiking, indoor climbing, baking, playing the piano
quite a bit of everything ;)
Sailing, Reading, Walking, Creation (developing new ideas)
Lesen, Golf, Rätsel, Spiele, Kochen, Schlafen, Wandern, Kultur, Autos, Natur,
Museums, Travel, Biking, Books, home made fusion cooking
Gifted Children, Travelling, Arts, Movies, Science Fiction, Sushi, Opera
Literature, Sailing, Economic history
Sports, Medicine, Movies
Literatur, Musik, Joggen, Schwimmen, Kino
Choral singing, gardening, writing, reading, concerts, playing piano and cello, skiing, traveling
Buddhist, Christian Religion and philosophy
Sport, Games, Psychology, Philosophy, Meditation
Our 3 dogs, music, reading, nature, hiking, origami
Skiing, Travelling, Fine dining
scouting, kayaking, playing guitar
Sport, Nature
Food, Wine, Children, Travel, baking
Singing, Children, Photography, Culture, Cooking, Mac
classical music, cello, drawing, mathematics
Music, Dance, Travel, Sports
Curiosity, news, reading, sports, travelling
fine arts, flora and fauna, science, buddhism, origami, martial arts, sleeping, archery, rockets, diving, food, books
Nature, Sports, Theater
History, Ballet, Cooking, Education
Gesellschaftsspiele, Malen, Fotografieren, Denksport, Literatur, Herumphilosophieren, Spiele erfinden, Wandern, gemütliches Radfahren, manchmal Kochen
Singing, Cooking, Polyball
violin, listen to music, dinner with friends
Philosophy, Nondual Spirituality, Photography, Journalism, Music, Art, Writing, Travelling,
photography, reading & writing, art, travelling, languages, music
Mathemtics, Reading, Kayaking, Dancing
Reading, filmmaking, creating shows/theater, writing, hiking
Sport, Lesen, Reisen, Anatomie, Musik
family, winter sports, water sports, gardening, art and design
Volleyball, Guitar, Swimming, Diving, Reading
Reading, Writing stories, Photography
Reading, Puzzles, Computer Science, MinD-Magazin, Piano, Recorder
Lesen, Musik, Zeichnen, Schreiben
Tennis, Gymnastics
Animals, Architecture, Nature, Music / Festivals
Familie, Foto, Video, Reisen, Lesen, Computer, uvm
Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography, Ikebana, ...
Sport, Outdoor, Dance, Yoga, Theater
Running, Music, Reading, Traveling
Sharks, Reading, Diving, Cooking
Line Dance
Literature, Music
Dogs, Cats, Eating out, Skiing, Wine Tasting
psychology, NLP, philosophy, meeting people,golf, sailing, weaving, dancing, reading
Motobike, Sewing, Permaculture gardening
Knitting, Gardening, Chinese
music, photography, dancing, cooking
Music, Sports, Reading
Travel, Photography, Diving
Art abstrait, surréalisme, peinture
running, swimming, biking, reading
reading, designing cloths, friends, dancing
Lesen, Wandern, Reisen, Konzerte, Theater
writing, reading, sports
wintersports, sailing, travelling, deep conversations
Nature, Hiking, Skiing, Games, Animals
Naturwissenschaften, Wirtschaft + Recht
Music, Puzzles, Finance, Language learning
travels, art, science
Sport, laufen, Skifahren, Aerobic, Turnverein, Nähen, Basteln
Skiing, Sailing, Tennis, Travelling
Painting, Writing, Music
Reading, Movies, Gardening, Skiing
Hiking, Reading, Music, Travelling, Puzzles
petrichoring; motorcycling
French Comics
Informatics, Programming, Krav Maga
Lesen, Ski fahren, Velo fahren, zeichnen
History, Science, Photography, Architecture...........
Tennis, Scuba Diving
Reading, British/French-History, Baking
Music, Reading, Puzzles
Bricolage, peinture, guitare, fabriquer des habits, ecrice, le roller, es parcs dàttraction, la photo et le cinema
cigars, fine food (and cooking if neccessary) and drinks
Science, Techno, Psychology, Literature, Humanity
Sports (Fitness, Tennis, Golf), reading, travelling, cinema
Lesen, Kochen, Reisen, Wandern
Psychology, Gardening, Walking, Politics, Human relations, Music
Querflöte & Cello spielen, singen, backen, lesen, schwimmen
History, Arts, Horseriding, Nature, Animals, Mountain Climbing, Jogging, Hiking, Ski touring, Fencing, British Cars, Reading, Playing Piano, Playing Violin, Playing Organ, Gross Anatomy
reading, travelling, rowing
Arts, Travel
Sports, Music, Travel, Geography
Cenologie, Lecture
Dance, Art, Nature, Islamic Culture, Religions, Music
reading, skiing, inline skating, cinema
Science, Illustration, Running, Hiking, Backpacking, Craft Beer
Outdoor, Siberia
Reading, Movies, Music, Internet, Star Trek, Golf
Music, Reading, Nature, Walking, Fitness, Origami
Lesen, gamen
Arts, Musique, Literature, Cinema, Historie, Mountain, Travel
Sports, Music, Nature, Travelling, My Daughter
Drawing, Riding, Piano, Reading
Art, Science
snowboarding, nordic walking, drumming, photography, traveling
History, Archeology, Travel
Lesen, Musik, Biologie, Chemie
writing short stories, reading, travelling, scuba diving, painting, playing guitar, road cycling
Music, Sport gatherings, City travel
Philosophy, Politics, Engineering, Management, Architecture, Botany, Athletics
Board Games, Reading, Football, Psychology, Mathematics
Tai Chi, Segeln, Friends
Logic, Thinking, Philosophie, Kochen, Plastisches Gestalten, uva.

Hobbys unserer männlichen Mitglieder

Football, American Football, Icehockey, Travelling, Music
Running, climbing, bouldering, fitness, reading, singing, skiing, hiking, drawing, science, travelling.
Music, Society games, Hicking, Jogging, Cycling, Literature
Klavier, Asien, Russisch, Natur, Reise, Kultur, Spiritualität
Gleitschirmfliegen, Unihockey, Religion, Psychologie, Gesellschaftsspiele,...
Astronomy, Sudoku, Digital Entertainment
Nature, photo macro, Informatique, sécurité
Sport u. Spiel, Meer u. Berge, Psychologie u. Kommunikation
Literature, Poker, Enigmes, Escape Rooms
Alpine, Hiking + Skiing, Table Tennis, maps, Cooking + Eating
Travelling, Health, Sports, Family
Naturwissenschaften, Reisen
hiking, travelling
Piano, Psychology, Philosophy
Surfing, snowboarding, traveling...
Computer, Movies
Cinema, sport, nature
Computer, Music, Grenzwissenschaften
Travelling, Trekking, Reading, Philosophy
politics, economics, art, philosophy
Vegan cooking, Transhumianism, Effective Atruism, Knife throwing
Poetry, Ski, Chinese Classical Poetry, Science-Fiction, Writing, Cooking
Computer, Painting, Trekking
playing theater
drums, guitar, singing, jogging, watching cat videos
Tennis, Martial Arts, Hiking, Cooking, Music, Guitar, Taiji
Reading, Music, Sciences, History, Handycraft, Chamanism
Ultra Running
Riding, Diving, Dancing, Hiking, Fitness, Jogging
Politics, Theater, Cinema, History, Philosophy
Maths, Physics, Computer science, Chess, Philosophy, Poetry, Classical music
lecture, sciences,sports
Wandern, IT, Computer, Jassen, Rätsel
Musique (clarinette - direction) - Musique de film
Politics, History, Sports, Chess, Physics
movies, reading, entrepreneurship, history,etc
Martial Arts
Computers, Reading, Writing, communicating, dancing, singing
Blockchain, Bitcoin, Gym, Skiing
Music, Sailing
Chess, Paragliding, Bees
Music, History, Philosophy
Saxophon, Fasnacht, Jungwacht und Blauring
Game design, Sports, Travelling, www.ef-magazin.de
nature, games, fantasy, SF, art, metal music, RPG, etc.
Filme, Rätsel
Stadtmusik Aarau, Ski, Webdesign, Badminton, Squash
Music, Karaté, Politics, Movies
work, dance, fly, hosting couchsurfers
Drawing, Traveling, Cultural Exploring
Sprachen, Sport, Mathematik, Physik
IT, Home Automation, Outdoor Activities
Elektrnik, Snowboard, Longboard, Musik
Kochen, Guter Wein, Opensource, Technik, IT-Security
Sailing, Diving, Skydiving, Architecture, Building, IT, Amateurradio, Beekeeping, Astronomy, Kayaking, Camping, Hammockcamping, ...
Wines, Dining, Ski, Freeride, Roadbike, Concert
Jeux, Musique, Psychologie, Systémique
IT security, Programming, VoIP, Harry Potter, Military
Violin, Gym
Cooking, Jogging, Philosophy
Table tennis, Football, Music, Chess, Biking, Discussions,
Puzzles, Sports
Sports (Lacrosse), Game Theory, Trading
Chess, Skiing, Music, Computer, Science Fiction, Swimming
Music, Film, Art, Nature, Drugs, everything
Literature, Japanese Culture, Videogames
Icehockey, Politics, Video Games, Boardgames, Snooker
Musik, Motorrad, Menschen
musique baroque (clavecin, piano)
Innovation, Books, Guitar
Movies, travel, hiking, snowboarding, klettersteig, everything fun and outdoory
Books, History, Cooking, Wine, Skiing, Hiking, Formula 1
Armbrustschießen, Segeln, Skifahren
Cooking, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Cutting-Edge Technology
Maths, Physics, Sports, Art, Board Games, Psychology, Management
Computer, Movies, Music, Photographs
Tao&Tantra, hi-end audio, enneagrams, personal developement
Astronomy, PC, Internet, Modellbahn
Karate, alltags Philosophy
Hiking, Snowboarding, Languages, Business/Career development
Travelling, Languages, Meeting People
math, teacher, world politics, news
Strategy, Economy, Psychology, Philosophy, Martial Arts, Astronomy
Maths, Music, Gaming
Endurance sports, Martial arts, Reading, Writing
Motorsport, Filme, Wikipedia
Reading, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Rock climbing, Photography
Psychology, Astronomy, Football, table tennis, fitness, music
Travel, Reading, Writing,PlayingBoard Games
Geschichte, Geographie, Basketball, Reisen, Japan, fremde Sprachen und Kulturen, Psychologie, Sozialantropologie, Wirtschaft
Handicrafts, Gardening, Shooting
Trekking, Reading, History, Science, Chess,
Schach, Musik, Literatur
sports club, play violin, do judo, like reading and I am a scout
Squash, Tennis, Chess, Literature, Jazz
Spüorts, Travel, Reading, Languages
Scuba Diving, Paintball, ICT, Photography
running, cooking, languages, mechatronics, reading
Hiking, Programming, Paragliding, Ballroom dancing
sports, internet, psychology, craftsmanship, politics
Football, Family, Friends
Music, Model Airplanes, Skiing, Bikes
reisen, segeln
Jazz, Guitar, Rock, Climbing
Freestyle, Skifahren, Trampolin springen, Skateboard, lesen, zeichnen
Skiing, Tennis, Billiard, Icehockey, Wellness, Wine
IT, Spirituality, travel, Massage, Tao, Authentic Tantra, Yoga
scuba diving (PADI Master Instructor) & Crossfit
Basketball, Cooking, Old Video Games, Nintendo
classical music, politics, art, antiques, sports
Animaux, rando, cuisine
Mountains, music, family, friends
Thinking, Elaborating on those thoughts, sharing them, when appropriate acting on them; Studying. Intense Interests: Psychology (Learning, Memory); Health (Diet, Exercise, Supplements, Nootropics)
Reading, Jazz, Saxophone, Nature, Satire, Dogs, Walking, Shooting, Architecture, Design
Transhumanism, antiques, woodworking, plants
Randonnée en montagne, Cuisine, Badminton, Lecture, Photographie
Sports, Cycling, Skiing, Golf, Reading, Financial markets, trading
playing guitar, snowboarding, windsurfing, films, science
Technology, railways
Travelling, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cooking
Spiritualität, Physik, Menschen, Natur, All, Sport, Lesen, Leben geniessen, SEIN
Games, Bridge, Badminton, Movies, Theatre, Nature
Mathe, reading, science
Sports, Historie, Psychology, Geopolitic
Sport allgemein, Reisen, Spiele
cooking arts, data science, machine learning, traveling, robotics, squash, comics
Basketball, check, logic, programming, learning new stuff
Sports, Reading, Travelling
Sports (Running, Rugby, American Football, Mountain-Running), other Outdoor-Activities, Travelling
Jogging, Biking (with and without motor)
startups, young leaders, technoloy, extreme sports
History, Board Games, Cooking, Sailing, Travelling
Economics, Natuaral Sciences in General, Reading, Travelling
Music, Movies, Football, Scuba diving, Ultimate Frisbee, Pop culture
music (classical singing), animals, gardening, reading
Triathlon, Travel,Prof. Networking
Traveling, Board Games, Hiking, Cycling, Photography
History, Archaeology, Egyptology, Movies
music, martial arts, technology
Musik, Computer, Wirtschaft, Politik, Nordische Geschichte/Mythologie, Reisen, Lesen
Travelling, Foreign cultures, Go-Kart, Photography, Sports
ironman triathlons, triathlons, perform stand up comedy, salsa dancing, history, science
Drawing, Golf, Nature, Art
Ski, Tennis (débutant), Golf, Nature
History, Philatelie, Music, Reading, Arts, Cartoons, Cinema
golf, Carnival, Travelling, video
Mathematik, Informatik
Buddhismus, Philosophie, Psychologie, Geschichte, Asiatische Kultur, Sport, Games
Geocaching, Music, Badminton, Computer, Skiing
litterature, politics, religions, humanitarian help
Photo, Théâtre, Ecriture
IT, games, friends, love, restaurants, discotheques, music
Theatre, Music, Tai Chi, Golf
music, hiking, climbing, board games
Board Games, Global Politics, All Sorts of PopCulture
Sport, Lecture, Philosophie, Musique, Photo
Programming, Design, Movies, NLP, Reading, Get to know people, Countries
creating things, craftmanship, cooking, learning
Flying, Football, Skiing, Music
hiking, traveling, cooking, poker, boardgames, cinema, learning German, business, industries
Meinen exzentrisch-neurotischen Trieben nachleben
sciences, cooking, music, movies
Klettern, Gleitschirmfliegen, IT Sicherheit, Cryptographics
Sailing, Hiking, Travelling
Classical Languages and Culture
Physik, Chemie, Mathematik, Informatik(Webdev, AI, IoT), Unterwasserrugby
Sportschiessen, Volleyball, Skifahren, Technik
Reisen & Fremde Kulturen, Sport (Fußball, Ski, Squash, Kayak,...), Politik
Food & Drinks, Arts, Computer
Sports, Tinkering/Programming, Games, Music
Mountainbiking, Hiking, Digital Business
Lot of, like sports, music, friends, learning, cooking, travelling, ...
Rowing, running, swimming, reading
Nature, travel, Surf, Tennis, Board-games, make a better world
Triathlon, Reading, Dancing and Juggling
biking, reading, politics
Physics, Mathematics, Sport
Politics, Arts, Sports
Waterpolo, Computer Science, Skydiving
Psychology, write, read, swim, dance, movies, ...
Family, dog, puzzles, videogames, Board Games, Sports
good books, traveling, surfing, eating, having fun
Reading, Sauna, Massage, Chess, Politics, Theater, Dance
singing, writing, fine arts, cartoons & comic books, world literature, theatre, museums, philosophy, science, cooking, travelling
Computers, History
Icehockey / books / sports / travelling
Film, Theater, Hiking, Running
floorball, reading, hiking, violin
Meditation, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy
Lesen, Lego, Kino, Wandern, Investments, Fotografie
Unihockey, Klavier/Gitarre
Reading, Playing Guitar, Videogames
Sport, Musik, Programmierung
Running, Reading, Games
Cello, Gitar, Sports, Culture, Learning, Cooking, Walking, Theater
Videogames, Movies, Comics, Boardgames
Sport, Politics
Computers, Books, Hiking, Movies, Ar. Intelligence
Wing Tsun
Information Technology, Video Games, Psychology
Judo, Tanzen, Snowboarden, Musik, Lesen
Ski, Golf, Natation, Art, Design
martial arts (QiGong, TaiChi), walking, ski, amateur radio,writing
Psychology, Philosophy, Politics, SciFi,
Astrophysics, Fantasy books, Electric guitar, travel, boxing
Schach, Poker, Games, Sport
Sports, Music (Alternative and Classical), Art
Hörspiele, Urzeit, Tiere, Zahlen
Ski & Snowboard, Chess, Badminton
PC, Multimedia, Internet, Kochen, Freunde treffen, Musik hören
Cinema, Reading, Music, Art, Motorcycling
psychology, space, cars
Renewable energies, ecology
Filmen, Reisen, Ski, Bonsais
Walking, Climbing, Orientiering
Cardistry,creative writing, electronic music,
Fitness, Volleyball, Travelling
Climbing, Alpinisme and Tennis
Currently mainly Gliding and Fishing, when possible Biking, Skiing, Sailing, Music
Krafttraining, Thaiboxen, Tauchen, Filme, Musik
Football, Chess
Surfen, Golfen, Segeln, Skifahren, Volleyball, Reisen, Theater, Oper, Konzerte
Chess, Talking, Sports
Karate, Tennis, Formel 1
Horse Riding, Books
Mahjong, Badminton, Travel
Literature, Art, Nietzsche, Classical music, Travel
Cooking, Travelling, Interior Design
Programming, Orienteering, Mathematical Games
Motorcycling, Hiking, Cooking, Movies, Having a nice time
Running, Squash, Icehockey, Economics, Cooking, Wine and much more
IT / IoT, self-reliance, DIY
Music, Games, Cinema
Didgeridoo, Unicycling, Outdoor, Hiking
sailing, hanggliding, paragliding, graphics, dtp…
Tabletennis, Cinema, Theater, Psychology, Physics, Ethics
Skiing, DIY, Technology, History
Lecture, Sports, Mathematics, Riddles and other stuff
Writing screenplays, going to the cinema, theater and Iceland
litterature, sciences, Philosophie, zen, yoga, boulder
3D Printing, Hiking
Lesen, Wissen anhäufen, Malen, Pistolen schiessen, Krav Maga
Reading, Sports, Radio Ham, Foreign cultures
Psychology, Design, Philosophy, Snowboarding, Climbing, Effective Altruism, Biking, Tennis
rando à pied, folk bal et danses trad, siroter un café noir pendant une matiné, ski de fond (skate), ski de rando (peaux de phoque), flute traversiaire Irlandaise, escalade, alpi
Tea, Food, Poetry, Literature, Trekking, Photography, Law
Traveling, Sports
Sciences, Games, Badminton
running, biking, snowsports, travelling, IT
Computer, Astronomy, Bonsai
Baseball, Sports
Cinema, Running, Chess, Skiing, Hiking
Drawning, Videogames, MMORPG, RPG, cinema, motorbike, music, sculpture, mythology
Skiing, Mountain Biking, Poker, Cooking
Science, Cars, Motorcycles, Psychology
Aquariophilie, escalade, bricolage, cuisine, jardinage, salsa, expérimentation
Hiking, Cycling, Sailing
Economics, Politics, Sport
Future Skills, Psychology, Philosophy, Neurosciences
Science Fiction, Cinema, Beer Tasting, History
Piano, Philosophy, Psychology
Aviaton, Climbing, Ski touring, Tennis, Perl, Fencing
Languages, Mystics, Meditation, FKK/Nudism, Veganism, Animal protection, Cooking, Jewelry, Some Modern Kinds of Art, Travelling
Familie, Eishockey, Harley-Davidson, Modelleisenbahn
Ski, Cinema, Football
Writing, Reading, Cooking, Travelling, Gamedesign, Web
Badminton, Volleyball, Dancing, Movies, Party
Wassersport, Ski, Gesellsch.Spiele, Reisen
Music + Arts + Sports
Tennis, Table tennis, Ski, Sailing, Board Games, Cycling, Hiking, Travelling
Computer, Mountain Biking, Movies, TV Series, Golf
Computers, Concerts, Travel, Politics, History
Arts, Yoga, Backcountry Ski, Photography
Reading, Travelling, Cooking, Genealogy (https://www.myheritage.ch)
Sport, Travel
Reisen, Klavier, Kochen
Swimming, Cocktails, Freeletics
Music, Arts, Literature, Photography, Travelling, Soccer, Tennis, Photograhie, Social Events
Motorbiking, Snow- and Wakeboard, Skydiving. Climbing.
hiking, philosophy, theology, soccer
recherche spirituelle, sports, mouvement, politique, bodywork
Snowboarding, Mountainbike, Squash, Motorboats, Flying Windsurfing, Artifical, Intelligence, Travelling, Multimedia
Reading, Stockmarket, Cars, Running, Crosscountry skiing
Psychology, Philosophy, Politics
Magic, Music, Football
Outdoor sports, Family and Friends
Shooting, Skiing. Interests: Philosophy, Psychology, AI, Politics, Economy
Literature, Outdoor Sports, Biomechanics, marine biology
Literature, Art, Science
Scuba diving, Bridge
Sports, montagne, lecture, jeux de société, débats
Sports, Cooking, Dance
Mathematik, lesen, Sport
Bodybuilding, Books, Business
politics, soccer, travels
running, chess, climbing, bridge
Geschichte, Ethik, Politik, Wanderungen, Kunst, Jazz, Schach
Gaming, English
Classical Music, Bassoon, Opera, Dancing
Skiing, Tennis, Sailing, Philosophy, British Cars
Developement personnel, Thérapies alternative
Literature, Languages, History, Arts,...
Aviation, Reading, Traveling, Piano, Asia
the unknown
Sports, Cooking, Music, Movies, Travelling
kite surfing, wind surfing, wake boarding, skiing
spending time with friends, tinkering, playing the piano, learing about stuff
Reading, games (Electronic, tabletop, cards etc) Sports
Jiu Jitsu, Karate
philosophy, sailing, healthy food for a happy state - of mind
Volleyball, Travelling, Reading, Psychology, Music, Netflix
American Football
Piano, Computers, Books, Films
Transport Travel, Photography, Paranormal
Music, Chess, Billard, Philosophy
Sciences, Sport, Lecture, Musique
Photography, travelling, Architecture, Sailing
Gardening, cooking, watches, art
music (pop, rock, jazz), sound engineering, politics, standup comedy
music, video games, puzzles
Photography, Indian & Himalayan Cultures, Trekking
Musculoskeletal Medicine, Sciences, History, Hiking, Swimming
Flying, Coding
Moutainbike, Games (Jass), Wines, Whiskies, Badminton, Bowling, Bible
Cycling, Hiking, Business Analytics, Wine and Spirit
Travelling, Photography, Sports, Reading
Art, Culture, Photography, Cooking, Politics, Mathematics, Biking, ...
Reading, Travelling, Photography
Sport, Jogging, Lesen
Basketball, Politik, Reisen
Reading, Culture, Cooking
Ice Ralley, Travel, Archery, Wildlife Photography
Musik, Astronomie, Lesen, Billard
Piano, Cinema
Golf, Skiing, Movies
Music, Traveling, Studying Law, Atheism, Politics
Keyboard, Travelling, Icehockey, PC
Reisen, Zigarren, Shisha
Chess, Ballroom dancing
Badminton, Trumpet. Big Band, Sailing, Physics
Snowboard, Sciences
swimming, cycling, informatics, botany, calligraphy
Philosophy, History, Literature, Neurology
Sciences cognitives, physiques, philosophie, IA
Games, Technology, Magic
philosophy, politics, psychology, IT, poker, GO, biking, running, sailing
Politics, Literature, Sports, Friends, Travel, Languages
Board Games, Ski, Running, Hiking, Crossfit
Painting, Electronic Music Maker, Sport, programming
epic poems, history, cooking, ski, sailing, swimming, fine arts
Chess, Games, Philosophy, Logic, Architecture, Astrophysics
Economics, History, Philosophy
Snowboard, Mountain Bike, Computer, Cooking, Nightlife
Tanzen (Latin, Standard, Salza) Reisen, Tauchen, Natur
Computer, Athletics, Icehockey
Physics, Music, Airplanes, IT Tech, Enviroment, Philosophy
Nature, Geology, Astronomy, Travelling, History, Archeology
Saxophon, Musik allgemein, mit Freunden etwas unternehmen, Rätsel lösen
Languages, culture (South America), Salsa, Out-door sport (skiing, climbing, kanuing, etc.)
Mechanical Engineering, Martial Arts, Technology
martial arts, tennis, photography, travelling, digital
Diving, skiing, hiking, cycling
Sport, Filme, Brettspiele, Videospiele
Music, Cooking, Motorcycling, Wintersports
Squash, Astrophysik, Kochen, Sudoku, Mah-Jong, Literatur
Economics, Psychology, Dancing, Discussions
Outdoor, Wandern, Fotografieren
Music, Animal, Reading,
Flying, traveling, cuisine and cellar
Technic, Computer, Family
Fitness, Judo, Wandern, Literatur
Mountain Biking, Nature, Music
Frisbee, Gitarre, Cajon, Katzen
(klass.) Musik, Wandern/Skifahren, Computer, Schach
Cycling, IT, Technology, Politics
Travelling, Video Games, Singing, Biking, Creating good bad jokes ;)
Chinese (Mandarin), Reading, Music, Gastronomy, Movies, Animals, Games
AI, Computation, Brain-Computer Interfaces
Photography, Wines and Gastronomy, Arts, Horlogery, Travels, Games, Sports, Astrophysic, Sailing, Medecine
Le jeu de societe, la litterature, les arts en general
Dancing, Wine, Golf, 20th century art
History of the Arabian Gulf
Mountain Biking, IT, Economies, Strategy, Movies, Friends, Good Food
Filme, Programmieren, Sprachen
Movies, Music, Computer, Family, Sports, Star Trek
Music, Electric Bass
Cinema, Architecture, Sports, Geopolitics
Mathematik, Statistik, Börse, Geschichte, Staatskunde, Computer, Musik, Unterhaltungselektronik, Politik
Reading, Sports, History, Travelling
Fotografie, Lesen, Kampfsport
Reading, Writing, Hiking, Meditating, Running, Trails, Street Work Out, Painting, Drawing, Professional photography, learning about sustainability, environment, biology, genetics, psychology, sociology, art, philosophy, anthropology
Diving, Football, Travel, History, Anthropology, Current Affairs, Business & Economics
travelling, skiing, alpine climbing
History, Astronomy, Music, Travel
Rowing, Videogames, Reading
Aviation, Sports, Science, Travelling
Music, Food & Drinks, Dancing, Science Fiction
Chemistry, Biology, Philosophy, Hiking
Aikido, Salsa, Books, Events, Public Speaking
informatics, alternative energies, banking, finance, assurance, foreign cultures, developemnet aid, international law, music, poetry
Basketball, Travel, Music
Art (Photography, Music, Live music, Live visuals), Sport (Martial arts, Hiking, Archery), Science (Astronomy, Ecology, Robotic)
Music, Martial Arts, Science, Travel, Cinema
Ski, Fussball, Sport allg., Reisen
Tennis, Badminton
Traveling, Walking, Basketball, Reading
Lesen, Tennis, Trackdays, Jogging
Reading, windsurfing, skiing, succulent plants
Literature, Movies, Videogames, Music, Extreme Sports
Drawing, reading, oenology, cinema
design, interior design, learning every day, outdoor activities
Architecture, Arts, Aviation, Travel, History, Politics, Sports
Gleitschirmfliegen, Kino, Filme, Spiele, Reisen
Physics, Philosophy, Arts, Sports
Mathematik, Physik
Motorrad fahren, lesen, PC Games
Computer, Kino, Tennis, Billard, Eishockey
Philosophy, photography, playing music, finance, history, politics, travel, cooking
Board Games
Skiing, Photography
Fussball, Volleyball, Schach, Musik, Singen, Rätseln, Kochen, Essen, Geniessen
Farming, Gardening, Philosophy, Go, Japan, France
Rock Climbing, Ski Touring, Books, Politics, Sociology, Wine
reading, sports, writing, movies, music, theatre, travelling, operas
Computer, Elektronik, Fotografie
Biking, Mathematics, Board Games
Gymnsatics, Chess, Sports, Science of Nature
Ski, Foot, Jass, Pilot VFR
Literatur, Krimi schreiben, Kunst
Judo, Guitare
Reisen, Schreiben, Lesen, Musik
Voyages, Photo, Politique, Lecture
Photography, Travel, Handicraft Work
Rock climbing, dancing, sports, reading, cinema
Scouting, Board and Video Games, Reading
Skiing, Cycling, Reading, Cooking, Running
travel, Diving, Home recording, reading, internet surf
Music, Guitar, Golf, Scuba Diving, Roller
Mathematics, Computer, Sciences, Piano, Martial Art
Sport, Politics, Science, Art
Family, Reading, Programming, Mushing
competitions, science, science-fiction, psychology, ethics, travel, languages, history, genealogy, snowboarding, dancing, windsurfing, (ice)skating
Hiking, Running, Yachting, playing Board Games, Reading
Sports. Gatsronomy, Travels, Literature, Languages
Photo, Modern Art, Science, Finance, Philosophy, Music
Philosophy, Painting
Tanzen (Salsa & Techno), Schlagzeug
Aquariophile, vélo, cinéma
Jogging, Climbing, Orienteering, Sports in general
Photography, classical music, wines, french cuisine, politics, traveling
Floorball, Sports, Board/Card Games
Sport (Tennis, Diving, Fitness), Culture and Art, Travelling
reading, music, physics, sci-fi, inventing, skating, 50s & 60s GM cars
Eisenbahn, Lego bauen
Spiritualität, Psychologie, Tauchen, Wandern etc
Ultimate Frisbee, XCode, Doku
Helicopter flying, Scuba Diving, Aviation, Dancing
Running, working out, scuba diving, bikes & cars, music
Private life
Computer, Music, Cycling, Classic American Cars
Sport, Hiking, Shooting
PC, Internet, Reading, Golf, Darts, Pool, Snooker, Knowledge
Music, Scuba diving, Computer
Fussball, Gym, tiefgründige Gespräche führen
Kampfsport, Snowboard, Mathematik, Physik, Technik,
Literature, physics, philosophiy, psychology, music, architekture, cooking, photography, sport, paintng, fashion, biology.
Wakeboard, Ski, Snowboard
Tennis, Table tennis, Sports in general
sports, music, going out, photography, travel, enjoy nature
music, mountains, cooking, travelling,
Cooking, Fishing, Eating ( good ! )
Outdoor Activity, Language learning, Games
bike, canoe, skiing, puzzle, just relaxing and watching TV
Lesen, Schiessen
Wandern, Klettern, Lesen
Music, Volleyball, Biking, Hiking, Board Games, Sports
Sport (Squash; ...)
Chess, Kayaking, Standard dancing, Sailing, Windsurfing, Scuba diving, Skiing, Hiking
Cooking, Travelling, AI, Economics
Bücher, Schreiben, Theater, Diskussionen, Partyveranstaltung
reading, travelling, snowboarding, scuba diving, movies, tv
Motorcycle, Piano, Guitar, Bike, Swimming, Languages
Harley, moto,
music, art, theater, science, philosophy
Computer, Golf, Campingbus
Cinema, Sport
Photography, Road Cycling, Music (drums)
Non-fiction books, Castles, Languages, History, Ethnic studies, Architecture
Physics, Maths, Music, Guitar, Psychology, Medicine, Cooking, Programming, Martial Arts
Lecture, Films, Escrime
caving, climbing, archery, orienteering, arts
History, Social and ethical questions
Singing, Skiing, Mountainbiking, Freediving, Hiking
Meditation, Yoga, Velo, Music, Boardgames, Go, learning about the human nature
Game of Go, Chess, Aquarium, Trucks
Politics, Economics, Army, Music, Sports
Photographie, Geschichte, Rad fahren
Reading, Pen-and-Paper RPGs, Sports
Music, reading, writing, travel, biking
Travelling, Reading, Movies
Art, Sport
Swing dancing, ski touring, trail running, mountain biking, cycling, etc
computer, chess, literature, movies
Film, Literatur, Wandern, Gesellschaftsspiele
Sport, Schach, EHK, Museum
Reading, Arts, Walking, Travel
Flying, Computer, Chess, Tennis, Table tennis, Photography, Billard, Diving, Music, gay
Martial Arts, Trumpet, Guitar, Cooking, Boy-Scout
Photography, writing
Tennis, Sailing, Music, Movies
Sports, Cooking, Reading
Computer programming, Electronic, Music, Gaming, Learning
Games, Adventure
Tennis, Soccer, Mountainbiking, Skiing, Design Thinking, Travel
Computer & Technik, Filme, Bodybuilding
Knowledge exchange + networking
Education, Boardgames, Games, Craft
Mountain bike, book
Maze, Outdoor, Games
Hiking, Skiing, Travel, IT, Business, Tax Law
Sport, Space, Science, Games, Books, Movies, Beers
philosophy, politics, arts, drawing, running, hiking
History of stamps, Salvador Dalì, Chess
Photography, Programming
Hiking, Euphonium
Organisational Development, reading (novels, sf, personal development), velo, roller, scuba diving, etc
Cartoons, Technology, Advanced driving
Wissenschaft, Photographie, Entdeckungen
Consulting, Travelling, Tennis, Gym
Randonnées, bridge,
Photography, Arts, Music, Skiing, Computer
Sport, Art, Science, Games
Politics, Football, Gym
Sports, Travel, Games
Design, Arts, Webdevelopment (esp. AS3), Photography, Percussion, Philosophy, Artifical Intelligence
Sports, Aviation, Traveling
Photography, Sports, Hiking, IT, Science
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Psychologie, Neuroinformatics, Sport, Movies, Computer Games
AI, GO, Finance
Macanique, Electronique, Physique, Quantique, Nature
History, Running
Skiing, Music, Politics
Law, Economics, Karate, Motorcycle
Books, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology
Mathematik, Logik, Philosophy, Backen, Fechten, Fantasy, Informatik
Unihockey, Geschichte, Naturwissenschaften, Philosophie, Backen
Hiking, Skiing, Traveling, Scuba Diving, Yoga,
Mountain Bike, Model planes
Computers, Games Reading, Science, Skiing
Video Games, Manga, Chess, Riddles
Watersports, Society, Culture, Children, Oldtimer, Garden
Hiking, Gardening, Cooking, History, Geography
Entwickeln, Bauen, Planen, Kreieren, Ideen testen, Lesen, Philosophieren, Organisieren
Sailing, Geopolitic, History, Travel
Philosophy, Spirituality, Astronomy
Dog, Games, Kino, Töff
Reading, visiting exhibitions, volunteering, ...
Science, student's association, sexuality, entrepreneurship, manga
Music, Sports, Travel, Arts
Snowboarding, music, movies
International Cultures and Travel, Golf
Chess, Music, Movies, Computer, Reading
Psychology, Personal Devolpment, Philosophy
Science, Video Games, Sports, Technology
Literatur, Mountainbiking
Philately, Hiking
Informatic, Hiking, Sports
Photography, Reading, IT & Technology, Sport, Travel
Lake (on, in, at), Friends, Discussions, Movies
Travelling, Movies, Cooking, Games
Gaming, Piano, Astronomy, RC Models
Reading, Movies, Wine, Travelling
Lego, movies, gaming,diving, photography, XBOX
Music, Literature
Music, Sports, Electronics
Spielend weiterkommen
Reading, Travelling, Meeting People
Science, Gardening, Drama, Hicking, Swimming
Music, Photography, Strategy & Management
Beach-Volleyball, Guitar, Salsa
Constructions, Electronics
Sports, Lecture
ultimate frisbee, Drawing, Reading
Chess, Golf
Cycling, Swimming, Basketball, Skiing
Culture, History, Medicine, Natural Sciences
Golf, Games, Financial products
IT-Security CTF, Hiking, Board-Games
Sailing, Photography, Reading, Cooking
Football, Cinema, Travelling
Fotografie/Bildbearbeitung, Laufsport, Biken, ICT, Gadgets ...
Audio, Music, Sports, Theater, Languages
Swimming & CrossFit, Art & Culture
Bergsteigen, Tanzen, Philosophie, Politik, Diskutieren, u.v.m
Tennis, my son, my company, Eating, Movies, Reading, Theater
Poker, Mathematic, Physics, Reading, Sports
Var. Sports, Economy, Politics, Laughing & Living
Flying aircrafts, aerobatics, skiing, sailing, music (jazz, brazilian)
Politics, Astronomy, Religions, Music, Sports
Lecture, Histoire, Culture
Politics, Technology, Cinema, Business, History, Future, Geography
reading anything from French romantic poetry over science fiction novels to quantum mechanics textbooks, practising Chopin, Scarlatti, Schubert, Mozart and others at the piano, cooking, singing in a choir, practising foreign language skills
Reading, Music
Travel, Sport
Golf, Tennis, Politics, Travel, Cooking
Dancing, Scandinavia, Classic Cars
Computer, E-Bass, Jesus-Christ, Family
Sport, Travelling, Movies, Games, Reading, Music, Dancing, Riddles
Music production
Family, Soccer, Reading
Ski, Kochen, Laufen, Wandern, Whiskey
Music, Arts
IT, Religion, Philosophie
Photography, Computer, Wellensittiche (birds), Guitar
Sciences, Technology, History
Music, Sport
Football, Politics, History, Finance, Economics, Film
Computer, Music, Sport
Hiking, Painting, Philosophy, Psychology, Japan, Languages, Programming, Reading
Sport, Travelling, Reading
Music, Sports (Tennis, Football), Books (Fantasy, Science-Fiction)
Familie, Kino, Sachbücher, Singen, Songwriting
Music, etymology, singing
Water Sports, Volleyball, Diving, Travelling, Gaming, Material Arts
PC, Xbox, Freunde, Skifahren
cinema, concerts, bicycling, bowling
Chess, Mathematics, Ski, Travel, Squash, Beer
Board Games, Hiking, Reading, Table Tennis, Philosophy, Psychology
Magic, Logic Puzzles, Music and singing
Maths/Physics, documentaries, dancing (e.g. salsa), table soccer, strengh training.
Schach, Schwimmen, PC
Painting, Skiing, Jogging
Cinema, Cycling, Hiking, Running, Theater, Travel
IT, Ausdauersport (talentfrei), Saxophon (Status Lärmbelästigung)
Modelling, Statistics, Finance, Video Games, Programming
Music, Informatics
Playing the bassoon, reading, history
Martial arts, Climbing, Trekking, scuba diving, Economics, Computer
Curling, Sport, ICT, Reading, Pen&Paper
Standard Couple Dances, Martial Arts, Board-, Card- & Online Games
Math, classical music, cello, choir, football
Tennis, Skurf (Wake-Board), Bunjee-jumping
Soccer, Pyrotechnics, Sailing, Cooking
Entrepreneurship, Sports, Music (trumpet, piano), Reading
writing, martial art, complexity, theory, strategy
Sports, Historie,
Computer Gaming, Harry Potter, Guitar Playing, Judo
Hiking, Climbing, Guitar, Diving, Reading
Sailing, Computers, international politics
dancing, reading, arts, role play, compter, opera
Music, Cooking, Technology, Sports, Games
Computer, Science, Salsa, Beer
Golf, Skiing, Wakeboard, Jogging, Football, Politics, Music
Technology, Psychology, Marketing, Behavioural Economics, Games (Card/Board), Formula 1 Racing, Movies
Photography, Hiking
Football, Tennis, Barkeeping, Board- & Cardgames
Family, Entrepreneurship, Airplane & Helicopter flying, Mathematics, Psychology, Scuba Diving, Krav maga
Icehockey, Motorcycle, Economics, Financial market
Viola, Reading, Cooking, Sport
Sports, Games, Architecture, Gifted Kids Education
Golf, visual arts
floorball, playing cards, boadgames
Photography, Electronic, Science, Astrophysics
Music, Travel, Skiing
go, poésie
Piano, Opera, Conjuring
Art,Street-Art, Literature, Nature, Vins
Swimming, Skiing, Diving, Climbing, Reading
Windsurfing, Snowboarding, In-line Skating, Reading
Singing, Painting, Pétanque
Medizin, Geopolitik, Natur, Klassische Musik, Wandern
Sprachen, Alte Musik
Climbing, collecting coins, historical maps
Skiing, Wine, Mountains, Computer, Firearms
Startups, Innovation
Fitness, Reading
Science, Nature, Research, Expeditions, Languages, Outdoor, Trekking, Hiking
Women, Mensa, Photography, Humor, Computer, Music, Cinema, Art, Typography, Chatting, Mensa
Science, Physics, chemistry, books, video games etc.
Games, People, Movies, Books, Nature, Travels
Climbing, Kayaking, Skitouring, Hiking, Music, ...
family, music, flyfishing, flytying, photography
IT, Photography,Shooting
Sports, Music
Motocycle, Social dance, Games
Arts, Personal Development
ICT, Skiing, Biking, Hiking, Motorcycling, Diving, Fire Fighting, Board Gaming
Climbing, Mountaineering, Biking, Reading, Photography
movies, music, go for a walk with my family, read
Chess, Soccer, Reading, Movies
Lesen, Fotografieren, FCSG
Social Business, Table Tennis, Iceland
Internet, Snowboarding, Cycling, Astrology
Elevage d'enfants; Jeux; Conception de jeux
Music, Sports, Puzzles, Psychology
Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Travelling
Sports, Music
Art history, Cultural history, Literature, Classical music
Wissenschaften, Fußball, Zaubertricks, Filmen
Hiking, Photography, Skiing, Scuba Diving
Electronics, Programming, Movies, cooking, Free and Open Source Software
Sports, Reading, Chess
Literatur, Politik, Technik, Sport
Philately, Gastronomy
Fitness, Soccer, Skiing, Gaming
travelling, biking, skiing, hiking, dancing, jazz & classical music, photography, technology, reading, wine & dine, cocktails, genealogy
Psychology, Magic, Arts, Games, Music
History, Philosophy, Astrophysics, any Science
Golf, Hiking, Ski
Mountaineering, Paragliding, Travel, Fitness, Finance
Music, Astrophysics, Internet
Travel, Sport, Computer, History
Music, Sports, Philosophy, Languages
Playing drums, singing (karaoke, studio, live music), reading fantasy/horror/thriller books, motorbiking (of course Harley ...)
Segeln, Squash
Medicine, Sports, Brain, Ultimate Frisbee
Unihockey, Skifahren, Minecraft
walking, cooking, plants, languages, reading
Hiking, world-watching
Sport, Photography
Photography, Music, Cinema, IT
Cooking, my children, Motobiking, good old Rock'n Roll (Guitar)
Writer, Food critic, Oenolgy, Cigarres, Classical music, Education, Travel
Philatelie, Herpetologie, Kryptozoologie, Geschichte, Ichtyologie
Golf, Moto
Music, Photography, People, Food, Travel, Personal Development
Dancing, Literature, History, Volleyball
Family, House, Philosophy
Cooking, Cycling, Wine, Health
Art, Sport, Literature, Music
Jogging, Gaming, Netflix, Philosophy.
Family, Reading, Mountain bike
Singing, Nature, medical herbs
Musik, Sport, Literatur, Film
Musique, BD, marche, grimpe
Hiking, Theatre, Culture
Photography, Computer, Model train
Music, climbing, games
Philosophy, Theology, Astronomy, Psychology (author)
Diving, Flying, Aerobatics, Kunstflug, Segelfliegen
photography, mountaineering, painting, reading, arts opera, cello
Literature, Poetry, Cinema, Nature, Cycling, Art History
Touch Rugby, Jiu Jitsu, Electronics, Music
Travelling, interesting people, all about brain & memory, riddles, Asia, (classical) music, cinema, biking, relaxing in the nature, strategy games (like Jass or Magic), corporate finance, company valuation
music, movies, gaming
Music, AI, Bioengineering
Wine, Books, Travel, Writing
Travel, Diving, Internet, Computers, Politics, Economics, Finance, Science
Mountain. Aviation
Travelling, Reading, Climbing, Skiing, Water sports
literature, art, reading, sciences
Interests: Complex Systems , Architecture, Philosophy, Artificial Life, Artificial Intelligence, Flying Ultralight Aircraft
Concert, moto, lecture, enseignement
Sports, Science, Cultural Events, Literature, Astronomy, Metaphysics
My children, leadership, music, languages, computer science, mastering complexity, formalisms
Computer, Puzzles, Sailing
Self-Actualization & Personal Growth, Philosophy, Nutrition, Classical + Jazz Music
Theatre, Travelling
Physics, Badminton, Writing, Dancing
Schach, Jassen, Verbindung, Badminton
Sailing, Fishing, Mathematics
Ballroom Dancing, Pool Billiard
Sailing, Golf, Cooking, Wine & Dine
Snowboard, Sailing, Listening to Music
Science, Philosophy, Math, Psychology
Computer, Travelling, Hiking
IT, Sports, Reading
Mathematics, Arts, Design, Astronomy
Photography, Music, Fashion
Sports, Science, Dancing
Salsa, Cooking, Music, People, Networking
IT, Culture, Music, Sports
History, Philosophy, PC Games, Finance
Music, Literature, Numbers
Triathlon, photographing, Skiing, Painting
Architecture, Swimming
Mountain hiking, climbing, singing
Sports, Wine, Family
Reading, Mathematics, Science, Socializing
Technology, Computers, Cooking, Football
my Professions, Sports, Reading, Computer, Culture
Family, Travelling, Sports, Stamps, Model railroad
Wandern, Velo fahren, Ski fahren, Lesen, Reisen
Cooking, Programming, Marathon, Barkeeping
Cycling, Dogs, Trekking (Wandern), Haidong Gumdo
Magic, Cycling, Chess
Basketball, Geschichte, Kampfsport
Floorball, Scuba Diving, Board Games, Programming, Snowboarding
Dancing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Languages
Astronomy, Science Fiction, Botany, Music, Sport
Lesen, Gamen
CrossFit, Sports, Trekking, Bikeing...
Travelling, Scuba Diving, Photography
Tennis, Shooting, Reading, Movies, Stock Exchange, Travels, Computers
Lesen, Musik, Astronomie
Art, Cycling, Traveling
music, travelling, volunteer work, fascinating books, computer science
Skiing, Climbing, Sailing, Motorrad fahren
Cooking, Video Games
Motorsports, Football, Watersports, Wintersports, Single Malts, Travelling, Internet, PS2
Music, Movies, Zen, Martial Arts, Psychology, Nature
Cooking, Food History, Philosophy, Computers and Technology
Opera, Painting, Litterature
Waterski, Ski, Bridge, Boardgames,Traveling
Shooting Club, Samaritran, Photography, Travelling
psychology, business, artificial intelligence
cooking, eating, drinking, travelling (esp. Italy), VW-oldtimer-bus, biking
Sci / Phi / Psy / Theo (agnostic), People, Writing, Cooking
Climbing, Bouldering, Hiking, Piano, Salsa
Psychology, sciences humanes
Building orange cannons, technical things in general
Computer Games, Cooking, News International Law
Reading, Technology
Family, gardening and singing
Philosophy, Meditation, Neuroscience, Near-Death-Experiences
Physical Cosmology, Politic and Society, Ecology, Gaming and Cybernet, Space
Paragliding, Scuba Diving, Hiking, Volleyball, Yaching, Running, Roller in line, Photography and... baby-sitting !
Golf, Reading, Music
Music, Opera, Theatre, Literature, Cooking
Computer Hardware, PC Gaming, 3D-Modelling, Family
Reading, Travelling, Games
music, travel, human condition
Music, Guitars, Art, Reading, Drawing, Comics
Economy, Sports
Skiing, Sailing, Computer games
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Etymology, Hiking
Bike / Ski / Snowboard
Technology, Movies, Babecue, Games
Punk rock, Politics, Family, Cumulate useless knowledge
singing, sports, piano and guitar, languages, dancing, IT
Aviation, Wine, Travelling
sports, science, reading
Music(Opera), Reading, Humour, Teaching, Communication Skills,Politics
Computer, Drawing, Reading, Music, Sports, Movies, Astronomy, Philosophy
Mountain & Watersports
Golf, Tennis, Philosophy, Cooking, Computer Science, Snwoboarding
Biking, Computer, Travelling/Traffic, Railways, Nature, Music
Electronics, Retrocomputing, Traveling
reading, drawing, learning, painting and sewing
science, art, sport
Music, Hicking
Musik, Travelling, Physics
handball, computer, games, poety slam
epigenetics biology of belief (Bruce Lipton), juice plus + (health consultant)
Sports, Ecology, Nature, travelling, motorsports
Sports, Cuisine, Cinema, Musique, Informatique, montagne, snowboard, parapente (souhait), résoudre les problèmes qu'ils soient sous formes de jeux, professionnels ou humains
it, physics, religion, everything
photography, shooting, nature, travelling
Volleyball, Music, Mystic
Medicine, Sport, Musique, Journalisme, Psychologie
chess opera, sports, reading
Philosophy, Jazz, Mountain Biking, Wind and Kite Surfing, Dancing, Travelling
Psychology, Music
music, freeclimbing, gaming
music, weight-training, reading, poker, fishing, chess, ultimate
Reading, Music, Gastronomy
chess player, videogames, scale model marking
Travelling, Wintersports, Politics
Financials, Sports, Concerts, Electronics
Geschichte, Reisen, Astronomie, Raumfahrt, Technik allgemein, Börse
Street Dance, Robotics, Board Games, Sports
Fallschirmspringen, kochen, backen, brauen
Toastmasters, Singing, Music, Reading, Travel
Sports, Reading, Friends, Krav Maga
Family, Sports, Music, Reading
Reading, Motorbike, Traveling
Flying, Sports, Hiking, Chess, Dancing, Finance, Investments, Science, Physics, Mathematics
Philosophy, Games
Sport, Cycling, Nordic skiing
Montessori-Pedagogy, Sailing, Chances Philosophy
chess, magic tricks, jazz, reading
Skiing, hiking... plus the occasional museums & exhibitions... Science, bookworming, philosophy, psychology
Kochen, Musik, lesen
Scandinavia, Languages, Sports
Dancing, Biking, Music, Skiing, Snowboarding, Sports, Weight Training, Traveling
Golf, Skiing, Internet, Studentenverein, Militär, Reisen
Model planes, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Photography
Comedy, Ski, Boating
Geocoaching, Problem- and Riddle-Solving, Board Games, Travelling, Hiking, Football
Information Technology, History, Asian Culture, Bonsai
Reading, Sports
Travel, Philosophy, strength Sports
Family, Sport
Biking, Computer, Plants, Inline-skating
Flying propeller planes (PPL), Climbing, Riding, Skiing, Cinema, Travelling, Outdoor, Mathematics, Finance & Economics
Geeky Stuffs, Sailing, Tennis
Board Games, Reading, Ice Hockey, Puzzles
Music, Travelling, Running, Party
Sailing, Photography, art
Theater, Wandern
Mathematik, Judo, Astronomie, Schachspiel, Tennis
Diving, Sailing, Literature
living with parrots, husbandry, fermenting stuff, programming, being intellectual, organizing epistemic events
Music, Cooking, BBQ
Mountain Bike ; Kochen
Trekking, Mountains, Science fiction, Role-play games, Photography (landscapes), Fantasy books
Reading, Jogging, Horses
Teeterboard (circus), Reading, Physics, Philosophy, Surfing, Biology, Climbing, Photography
Reading, Philosophy, Music, Nature
Artificial Intelligence, Kung-Fu, Travelling, Photography
Sports, Travelling (Asia), Reading, Dancing
Fitness, Travel, Socialize, Books
Philosophy, Horses, Video Games, Japan, S-F, Entreprise, personal development,
Languages, Reading, Cooking
Poetry, Music, Writing and Movies
Climbing, Sailing, Skiing, Theater, Poker, Zerowaste
Physics, Programming
Kochen, Lesen, Kunst, Tanzen, Tai-Chi, Cardio Boxen
Computer, Movies, Home Cinema, Internet, Music, Travel, Philately, English Brass Bands, Euphonium, Star Trek, Going Out, Texas Hold'em, Geocaching
Astrophysics, Math, Programming, Hiking, Reading, Ornithology, Origami, Scherenschnitt
Philosophy (East & West), Psychology, Psychopharmacology, Comparative Religions, Literature, Martial Arts
sport & nature, life drawing, travel
Photo, Finance, Sport, Sailing, Dance, Travel, Buchhaltung
Dance, Cinema,
Voile vélo
Skiing, Motorcycling, Scuba Diving, Ecolight-Flying, Travelling
Sports (Badminton, Football, Skiing, Snowboarding), Movies, Photography, Webdesign
Reading, Kids/Family, Piano
Games of all kinds, Singing, Walking
Aikido, Scuba diving, Philosophy, Ancient Japanese culture
Golf, Tennis, Ski, Sailing
Sportschiessen, Thai-Kickboxen
Mountaineering, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Mountain Running
Foreign Cultures, Tibet
Musik, Kochen, Essen, das Leben geniessen
Schiessen, Fliegen, Computer
Programmation, Mao, Mythologie,
Fotografie/Bildbearbeitung, Reisen, Schwimmen, Segeln, Literatur, Klassiche Musik, Jazz
Science, Music, Reading
Singing, Cooking
Filme, Reisen
Computers, Films, Music, Travel
Music, Jazz, Sports, Badminton
Basketball, Programming, Reading
Sports, Biking, Trekking, Swimming, Arts, Literature, Movies, Exhibitions, Concerts, Photography, Eating (gastronomy), Wines
Printing Industry, Economics in the Russian Federation, Oldtime Cars
Marathon, Surf, Literature, History, Chess
Unihockey, trekking, lecture, Jeux, etc
Trekking, Reading
Astronomy, Travel, Skiing, Cooking
Freeletics, cooking, blogging, coaching, helping peoples, my family
Music, specially Jazz; Photography
Aviation, Hiking, Netzpolitik
Cooking, Powerlifting (Kraftdreikampf)
Flying, Skydiving, Breakdancing, Snowboarding
cycling, running, triathlon, politics, reading
MMOs, Perry Rhodan, Internet, DVD, Kino, Kochen, Essen
Sport, Lecture, Philosophy,
Musik, IT, Sport, Videogames
Tennis, Golf, Motorbiking, Guitar
Horse Riding, Skiing, Philosophy, Jungian Psychology, Computers in general
reading, jogging, traveling, architecture, space, movies
Moutain climbing, Geogaching
Aviation (PPL A), montagne, sorties, tir
scuba diving | good food | 3D-Design | aeronautics
Philosophy (Anthropics, Ph. of Time, Causality, Ethics (Speciesism, utilitarianism), AI, Effective Altruism, Math, Natural Sciences, EBM, evolutionary psychology, normative rationality, Author at www.gbs-schweiz.org , Singer/Beatboxer with "The Glue"
Movies, Music, Books, Computer
reading, piano, drawing, sports, numbers and puzzles, poker, writing
History, Classical Philosophy, Classic Music, Economy Sciences
sports, literature, film, music
Motorcycling, Energie (Solar...)
Badminton, Squash, Sports, Informatics, Robotics
Magic Tricks and Cubing, Guitar, Piano
Chess, Literature
Computer, Reading
The human being
Literature, Sports, Cooking
Skiing, Rowing, Golf, Cooking, Travel
Computer, Games, Science
Bowling, Movies+Cinema, Reading, Skiing
Nature, annimaux, montagne, histore
Computer, Music, Arts
latin america, literature, nature
Cinéma, Design graphique, Histoire, Musique, Jeux vidéos, Moto
typographie, architecture, vie sociale, familie
Languages, History, Culture, Mathematics, Physics, Reading, Travelling
travelling, sports, dogs, reading, gardening
Computering, Astrophysics, Sciences
Graffiti, programming, Martial Arts Tricking, E-Guitar, Piano
Software development
Cooking, Computer, Unihockey, Snowboarding
Sports, Traveling, Music, Reading, Politics
Reading, Writing, Roleplaying, Boardgames
Computer, Scuba Diving, Speleology
Segeln/Fliegen (mit und ohne Motor oder Wasser)
Lesen, Schreiben, Gamen, Segeln, Pen & Paper
Music, Electronics, tinkering and hacking
Martial Arts
History, Sociology, Cosmology, Education, Arts, Music, Psychology, Literature
skiing, performing music, cinema
Reading, listening to music, goint out with friends, kitesurfing, scuba diving
Food & Drinks, Sports, Culture
Klettern, Segeln, Reading, Reisen, Schwimmen, Skating, Politics, Pair-Dancing!!
Cucina, Enigmi
Webdesign, Music, Board Games
Shisha, Computer, Golf, Videofilmen
Computer, Reading, ...
Gaming, Movies, Scuba Diving, Motorcycle
Aviation history, Woodworking, Squash
sports, people, music
Reading, Computer, Discussions, Politics, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Sports, Playing Cards
kochen, wandern, Velo
Mindscouts, Gifted Children, History, Music
Finance, Economics, Reading, running (or trying to)
Motorrad, Freunde, Informatik, Gamen, Schreiben, Familie, Musik, Filme, Diverses
Hiking, Winter sports, Thailand, Bushcraft, Financial Independence, Food and drinks
Car racing, Politics, Family
Guitar, hiking
Maths, Physics, Technics, Cello, Piano, Golf
sports, chilling and other stuff
Computer Science, Reading, Science Fiction, Geocaching
Reisen, Badminton, Denksport, (alles (un)mögliche ;-) )
photo, pc games
Sports, American Football, Reading, Music
Meeting Friends, Politics, Computer, Internet
Orgue, Architecture, Patrimoine
Running, Movies, my Family, Travelling, Gadgets
Politics, Journalism, Sailing
Computer, Music, Travelling
Hiking, Reading, Working with my Hands
Montagne, Vélo, Course, Lecture, Informatique
Photography, Travel, Reading, Cycling
Fitness, Investing, Magic (Penn & Teller not Merlin), Martial Arts, Swimming
Movies, Music
Segeln, Tauchen, Ski, Schiessen
scouting, writing, travelling, cooking, movies, languages
Languages, Linguistics, History, Art, Architecture
Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence
Skiing, Verbindung,
Nature, Cities, Travel, Surrealism, Human behavior and expressions through art, Scientici research, Biotechnology, Death
Curieux de tout, ... polyvalent selon l'envie
Music, Hiking in the Mountains, Art
Marathon & ultra-marathon running
Photography, Philosophy
Travelling, Snowboarding, Skiing, Sailing, Piano
Tennis, Sailing, Aikido, Psychology, Games
Music, Cartoons, cook & eat, Single Malt, Billard/Snooker, Movies
Photography, Arts, Sport Climbing, Wine
Travelling, Board Games
Music, Medicine, Sports
Biking, Hiking, Bushcrafting
Kinofilme, Schwimmen, Tennis, Musik
Floorball, Travelling, Reading, Mathematics
History, Economics, Languages, Philosophy, Literature
Volleyball, Internet
Ski, Mountineering, kite surf, energy
Reisen, Natur, Fremde Kulturen
playing piano, guitar and chess, politics, motorbiking
Golf, Making Music, Cigars
Chess, Psychology, Computer Science
Moutaineering, Travel, Reading
Inventing, Traveling, Reading, Sitting, Walking
Music, Sport
Lesen, Reisen, Fussbald, Badminton, Biken, Verhaltenspsychologie,
Jazz, Baroque, all kind of arts and cultural events, literature, travelling, good restaurants, snowboarding
Reading, Running, Ecology
Skiing, Ski Touring, Running, Technology, Science, Food & Wine
music, sports, travelling, science, politics
Mountains, Sailing, Writing, Cooking, Poetry
Music, Electronics, Games
Sport, montagne, cuisine, lecture, environnement
Badminton, Board games, Music
Astronomy, Physics, Science in general
writing, singing, dancing, film-making, history, anthropology, astronomy, art, languages
Yoga - reading
climing, sailing, paragliding
Dance (Tango)
Economics, Mathemathics, Computers
Theatre, Reading, Architecture
Snowboard, Yoga
games, biology, music, languages
Refurbishing, Informatics (IT), Amateur Theatre, Singing (Jodelclub)
Diving, Sharks, Archery, Travel, Finance, Egyptology,
Walking, Skiing, Cycling,
Downhill/Freeride, Software Engineering
Chess, Literature, Mathematics, Programming
Bonsai, Music, Mountains, Golf,
Boardgames, Programming, Martial Arts, Trading + Psychology
Nature, Travel, Culture
Scuba diving, Travelling, IT/Telecom, High tech., Sports
Computer, hiking
Sport, BBQ
Gaming, Target Shooting
Reading, Learning, Skiing & Telemarking, Cross Country & Freeriding, Mountainbiking, lots of other sports
Music, Photo, Informatics
Motorcycles, Languages, Travel, Familiy + Kids
science, politics, hiking, choral music
Cooking, sailing & hiking (if there's time), restoring my old house, Wine & Beer & good food, Bluegrass/Hillbilly/Country music
Photography, Video, Computer, Roadster
Soccer, American Football, Travel, Series (TV)
Sport, Travel, Salsa, Diving
Reading, Philosophy, Science fiction, History
Theology, Piano, Caravaning, my dog
Reading, my Dog, Via Ferrata
Gesellschaftsspiele, lesen, Rollenspiele
Horseback riding (Western style)
sport (boxing, jogging, inline skating...), psychology
Fussball, Wassersport, Kino, Bücher, Konzerte
Physics, Economy, Astronomy, Triathlon, Video Games, Science Fiction
Bike, Skiing, PC
Diving, Reading, Movies, Salsa
Science, Technology, Literature, Languages, Traveling, Photography, Cooking, Hiking, Fitness
Music, Piano, Sciences, Litterature
Motorcycling, Hiking, Skiing, Reading, Writing, Science, Technology
Reading, Jassen, Discussions, Philosophy, Mathematics, GO
cycling, running, hiking, basketball
Architektur, Fischen, Fotografie, Reisen
Travel, Sport, Art
Motorcycling, Skiing, Wine
Music, Coding, Cooking, Gaming
Photography, Computer, Games (Rästel), Puzzle
Music, PC
Architecture, Drawing, Tennis, Wine
actually I have no hobbies. I just like to learn.
Aviation, Skiing, Music, Reading, Wines
Good food, Wine, Music, Philosophy, Golf
Human Centered Design, Photography, Motorbike
Tauchen, Roboter u.ä. bauen, U-Boot
Photographieren, Motorrad fahren.
Beer brewing, Board games, Movies, Travel
water sports, history, politics, skiing
hiking, paragliding, philosophy, sciences, medicine
Games, Magic, Baseball
Musik, Segeln, Wirtschaft, Politik
Photo, Aeromodelisme
Rubik's cube, chess
Science, Arts, Typography, Graphic Design
Travel, Languages, Intercultural communication, Music, Piano
Wissenschaft, Turnen, Bratsche, Ski, Lesen
Sports, Relations, Humans
Mathematics, Science, Airplane flying
Familie, Sport, Garten, Digitalisierung
Travelling, Music, Opera, Good food, Sport
Computer, Cars, Motor boat, Skiing
Sport, Famillie, Nature, Voyages, Sport extremes
RPG, Wargames, Horseback riding, Diving, Sailing
PC + Tec-Stuff, Gaming, Reading
Strategy & Leadership, Media & Communication, Energy & Environment
Climbing, Hiking, Skiing, Trekking
informatique, Tennis, Fitness, Chessgame
Music, Photography
Sim-Racing, Evolution, Poker, Photography, Brettspiele,
musique, écriture
Scooters, Travelling, Garden, Cooking
Rock climbing, Biking, Programming and Electronics
Drawing, horseriding, swimming, Board Games, Tango, Squash, Golf, reading, History & Fantasy
Bergsteigen, Photographie, Go, Klavier und Orgel, Tango und Jonglieren,
Sport, Business, Enjoy life
Billiard, motorcycle, history, languages, religion, sport, logic games, aerospace engineering and more.
Salsa dancing, Photography, Paragliding, Parachute jumping, Traveling, Kite surfing, Diving
Ski, Hiking, Climbing, Board Games, Travelling, Cinema, Music
Music, Movies, Bike, Riding, Psychology
Profession, Politics, Student associations, Pistol shooting, Diving, Sailing, Politics
Restaurants, Basketball, Movies, Sea and Fun
Familie, Astronomie, Sport
Wahrheit und Segeln
Sports, Music, Dancing, Gardening, Acting, Philosophy, Psychology, Sustainability/Basic needs
Scuba diving, travelling, enjoying the life...
travel, scuba diving, languages, reading
Running, music/piano, movies, pinball
Movies, Games
Computer, Natural science, Mathematics, Martial arts
PC Gaming, Fitness,
classical music, violin, skiing, sailing, dancing
Sports, all kinds of games, enjoying the nature
Innovation, Sailing, Scubadiving, Moto, Wood Working, Sport Shooting, Dance
Sport, Music, Games
Scuba diving, Jeux de société, Musique de cuivre, Théâtre amateur, Via Ferrata, Moto
peinture, philosophie orientale, ski,volley, jeux
Electronics, Video, Sound
Archery, Volleyball, Reading, Cycling
Tango, Acting, Hiking, Reading, Solving brain, Cinema
Books, Movies, Food, Wine, Travel
Sportive shooting, Reading, History, Running, Wines
Escape Games, Puzzles, Golf, Hiking, Racket Sports
Computer Games, Collecting Movies, TV Series, Fishing, Target shooting
RPGs (Role Playing Games), Computers, Bridge, Martial Arts, Reading, Science Fiction
Reading, Politics, Sports
Ski, Snowboard, Mountainbike, Music
Kung Fu, Games, Reisen
Miniature modelling, Bass guitar, cooking
SLRG, photography and music
Piano, Analytical Philosophy
reading, skiing, math, hiking
IT, Finance, Expert Systems, Science
Music, Liiterature, Photography, Medicine
RC Airplanes, History, BPG, Politics