AG - American Mensa Gathering

The American Mensa Annual Gathering (AG) is the largest Mensa event in North America. It was introduced in 1963, has taken place each year since then, and today spans 5 days from Wednesday to Sunday. Each day offers several parallel tracks of events and lectures. The first meetings were attended by around 160 Mensans. Attendance went up to over 2000 participants in the last years.

List of North American Mensa Annual Gatherings

1963 New York, New York (1st AG)
1997 Birmingham, Alaska
1998 Cincinnati, Ohio
1999 Long Beach, California
2000 Philadelphia, 
2001 Addison, Texas
2002 Scottsdale, Arizona
2003 St. Paul, Minnesota
2004 Las Vegas, Nevada
2005 New Orleans, Louisiana
2006 Orlando, Florida
2007 Birmingham, Alaska
2008 Denver, Colorado
2009 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2010 Dearborn, Michigan
2011 Portland, Oregon
2012 Reno, Nevada
2013 Fort Worth, Texas
2014 Boston, Massachusetts (July 2-6)
2015 Louisville, Kentucky (July 1-5)
2016 San Diego, California (June 29-July 3)
2017 Hollywood, Florida (Juli 5-9)
2018 Indianapolis, Indiana (July 4-8)

As a Swiss Mensan you are always welcome to join these international gatherings.