Board election 2021 - Call for Nominations

Dear Members,

It is Board election time. In 2021, we will elect the Board for the term running from General Assembly (GA) 2021 to GA 2024. According to our statutes, we have an Election Supervisor, François Reusser, and an Election Committee. We hereby call for nominations of candidates for the Board election.

Nomination Rules

You can nominate yourself or others, provided that the following rules are adhered to:

 -      Only ordinary members in good standing can run for office. An "ordinary member" is a "member who resides in Switzerland or is a Swiss citizen, and who is 18 or older at the start of the association’s fiscal year". (Statutes Art. 6.2) "In good standing" means, "a person who [has] accepted an offer of membership, has paid all dues owed, and is not currently subject to any sanction imposed by any National Mensa or the International Board of Directors". (Statutes Art. 7.1)

 -      Candidacies must be in writing directed to the Election Committee, either via registered mail or via personal handover against confirmation. (Election Procedures (EP) §2.1)

 -      The candidacy must comprise the full name, the membership number, the date of birth, signatures of three other members supporting the candidacy, the explicit consent of the candidate to run for office. (EP §2.2)

 -      The candidacy must arrive at the Election Committee until end of March 2021. (EP §1.4) See below for instructions. Your candidacy must arrive before April 01.

In addition to the compulsory information above, the candidacy may further comprise a photograph, a curriculum vitae (at most 130 words), a campaign statement (at most 130 words). (EP §2.3) If your texts are longer, they will simply be cut after 130 words. All the information given above will be published in the election brochure and the private area of the website. A candidate failing to provide optional information will be listed by name, date of birth and place of residence only. (EP §2.4)

The material must be sent by registered mail to the following address:

    Mensa Board Elections 2021
    c/o François Reusser
    Emil-Oprechtstrasse 1
    8050 Zürich

As letters from abroad can take considerably longer to arrive, we ask you to send your candidacy early enough. The deadline is March 31, 2021, so for the nomination to be valid your letter must have physically arrived before April 01, 2021 at the above address.

Nominees will be notified by e-mail when their letter has arrived. Personal handover to the Election Supervisor against confirmation is also possible. In order to prevent deadline fraud, information about a personal handover that has taken place must be sent to the Election Supervisor and all members of the Election Committee on the same day (email is acceptable), or at least before end of the March 31 deadline.

Further proceedings

 -      The call to cast a vote is published along with the detailed candidate profiles and voting instructions no later than May 31. (EP §1.5)

 -      The candidates’ presentations will be published on the Mensa website in April (Groups > Board Elections > Candidates) as well as in the June issue of Mensa Inside. This fulfils the EP’s instructions.

 -      The ballots will be mailed in June 2021.

Deadline for receiving ballots is July 05, 2021. As above, the ballot must have arrived physically, a postmark of July 03, 2021 is not sufficient.

Ballot counting takes place no later than July 17, 2021. (EP §1.7) For further information or questions, please either refer to the Board Election page on the Mensa website (Groups > Board Elections) or write to

Kind regards
François Reusser
Election Supervisor