Submitting acceptable documentation

What is acceptable documentation?

No pre-evaluation will be made by e-mail. Any evaluation of the documentation will follow only after receipt of payment and by mail (per post).
Psychologists are not allowed to forward test results to Mensa Switzerland without any written consent and signature of the patient. Furthermore, the proof of payment of the Prior Evidence and the patients' contact details must also be enclosed.

Applicants are asked to submit the following:

  • Name, address, birthday, email address
  • If you are not living in Switzerland please send a copy of your Swiss citizenship
  • The name on the documents must match the name on the application.
    If not, a supplementary document must be included (notarized copy of a marriage license or court records).
  • A report by the psychologist/practice/institution that administered the test, including:
    • The testing date
    • The full name of the test, and the IQ scale used (mean and standard deviation)
    • The full IQ score and percentile rank (subtest scores if applicable)
    • The name, grade and original signature (not a copy of an original signature) of the responsible psychologist/psychiatrist
  • For adults a proof of payment of CHF 60, CHF 30 for students – copy of student card has to be sent with the request – (for children and teenagers under 18 it is free of charge) to the following account:

    Zürcher Kantonalbank, 8001 Zürich
    Mensa Switzerland
    Account # 1100-6669.001
    IBAN CH20 0070 0110 0066 6900 1
    Comment «Prior Test Fee» + your name


How do I submit acceptable documentation?

To submit your past testing evidence, you have three options:

  1. Submit the original documentation with the original signature of the responsible psychologist yourself.
    If you would like the original documents returned, please say so explicitly in your letter (not per e-mail)!
  2. Send us a notarized copy of the original documentation (costs usually around CHF 20).
  3. Have the school or testing service send your scores directly to us. 


Where do I send my documentation?

Mail (per post) your documentation to (do not send by registered mail):
This address is an association address which is correct as it is written here!

Mensa Switzerland
National Supervisory Psychologist
8000 Zürich


What will happen next?

After the arrival of the required documents they will be checked by our National Supervisory Psychologist: Does the test comply with the quality standards of Mensa? Has it been performed properly? Which IQ scale was used for the results? All evidence of prior testing will be evaluated individually, and Mensa reserves the right to make the final decision on the eligibility of the test. These evaluations may take up to three weeks. 
Incomplete applications will not be processed and the documents will be returned after approx. 2 months awaiting period. 

Please mention explicitly in your letter to me if you want your original documents returned!


All information is treated as strictly confidential. Once eligibility of the prior evidence has been confirmed, Mensa will issue an invitation for you to join.