Take the Mensa admission test

If you want to join Mensa and have not been tested before, you can take a supervised, standardized Mensa test in your area.

Our tests

We offer two different IQ tests: a non-verbal test and a multi-dimensional test with a German verbal part. Both are developed by psychologists and meet all scientific quality criteria.

The non-verbal test costs CHF 80 (CHF 40 for students and pupils) and is aimed at anyone who is 15 years and older. You have to understand the test officer's instructions, which will be given in German, French, or English, but no further language skills are required. As a test result you will receive your total IQ score, even if the criterion for joining Mensa is not fulfilled. If you fail this test, there is the possibility to redo it once after a waiting period of one year. You may also still try the multi-dimensional test (without having to wait for a year).

The multi-dimensional test with a German verbal part costs CHF 100 (CHF 50 for students and pupils) and is aimed at anyone who is 14 years and older. German should be your mother language, otherwise we recommend the non-verbal test. You will receive your total IQ score and your subscores in four categories, even if the criterion for joining Mensa is not fulfilled. This test is not repeatable. If you fail it, you may still try the non-verbal test though. 

So, as you see, overall you have 3 chances. You can take the multi-dimensional test once and the non-verbal test twice, and there must be one year between the two tries of the non-verbal test.

Attention: If you have Swiss citizenship or live in Switzerland, you are eligible to apply for membership in Mensa Switzerland if you reached the required score.
Everybody else can also take the test, but the results will not allow you to become a member of Mensa Switzerland, and we give no guarantee that they will be accepted by other National Mensas.

The test process

  • Pick a test and register for it.
  • The test officer will contact you per email and give you further instructions.
  • Take the test. We wish you good luck.
  • You will receive your result per postal mail within 3 weeks. If you scored 130 or above, an invitation to join Mensa will be sent along with the result.
  • Important: We do not maintain any further correspondence about the test result.