List of psychologists and psychotherapists

Below is a list of psychologists and psychotherapists specialized in giftedness.
Please note that the information below stems from self-declarations and that Mensa can take no responsibility whatsoever for the information given.

General Links / Allgemeine Links
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- Kinder und Jugendliche / Children and Teens

Specialists for gifted children
- Talentia is a special school for gifted children in in Zug:
- Talenta is another special school for gifted children in Zürich:
- The EHK (Elternverein für hochbegabte Kinder) is a club for parents who have gifted children:
- (Chantal Roulet Huber, see below)
- (Dr. Julie Baumer, see below)

Specialists for Highly Sensitive People with High IQ
- avec une liste des contactes (en francais)

Adress List / Adressliste

First Name Last Name Zip CitySortiericon Languages
Bethan Gollut-Jones 1860 Aigle F, E
Paula Rothermel 3930 Ausserberg E, D, Sp
Chantal Roulet Huber 6340 Baar D
Julie Baumer 3011 Bern F D E Sp
Letizia Gauck 4102 Binningen D
Marc Bersier 1807 Blonay F
Pascale Roux 1227 Carouge F
Julie Baumer 1700 Fribourg F D E Sp
Sandrine Chalat 1700 Fribourg F, E
Pascale Michelon 1200 Geneve FR, EN
Laïla Achkar de Gottrau 1201 Genève F
Anna Maria Roncoroni 16121 Genova (Italy) I, E, Spanish
Priska Bodmer 1003 Lausanne F
Véronique Lagorce 1006 Lausanne F
Marguerite Golay 1003 Lausanne F
Julie Baumer 1003 Lausanne F D E Sp
Fabienne Giuliani 1003 Lausanne FR
Laurence Chappuis 1003 Lausanne F
Marc Bersier 2525 Le Landeron F
Nathalie Addor Gailland 1920 Martigny F
Pascale Roux 1260 Nyon F
Maja Grošin 8864 Reichenburg D, Serbian
Elisabeth Zollinger 9500 Wil D, E
Ania Chumachenco 8032 Zürich D
Julie Baumer 8008 Zürich F D E Sp
Joëlle Huser 8000 Zürich D, F