IQ + EQ = Hyper...

This is a place to exchange docs, books, or any other kind of media for those with High Emotional Intelligence / High Sentsitivity.
Not all Mensans have the same level of Emotional Intelligence and here so-called "Surefficient" could stick together, exchange, and support each other… following The Four Agreements (Toltec Wisdom), as these values ensure respect and individual expression.

Rules are simple: benevolence and privacy.

Any feedback provided to a person speaking out should be an open and honest question and not a comment, to enable a deeper discussion on what has been shared. We should here be able to resist to our mechanical reactions pushing us to confront each other based on our personal values.Please do not: judge, correct, teach, or provide any piece of advice that has not been solicited

Here we can share literature, docs, or podcasts such as: Nathalie Alsteen, Christel Petitcollin, Daniel Goleman, Elaine Aron, Boris Cyrulnik, Ichiro Kishimi, Luis Ansa, ...
You can also join us on the Forum, on Workplace, or on WhatsApp (under construction, will depend on demands).

Please get in touch by mail or text me at +41 79 292 35 90, my favourite language is French but there are enough tools to support translation in different languages: I wish this place remains vast and open enough for everybody to speak up, we have so much potential together!

Looking forward to reading you soon.

I've been diagnosed Surefficient by a professional after long years of discussion, now participating to different speaking groups organized by this specialist for years.
I wish to offer here room for thoughts to whom might be interested.

Marie Déglise - Bommensatt - Chotard

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