Send in your past scores


You may qualify the quick, easy way by sending us evidence of scores from prior intelligence tests you’ve taken. For individuals younger than 14, this is the only way to qualify.

Prospective members can apply by submitting evidence of scores from prior intelligence testing. Many people find this a quick and easy way to qualify for Mensa membership, as they often qualify on tests they have already taken at some point in their lives.

All evidence of prior testing will be appraised individually by our National Supervisory Psychologist, and Mensa reserves the right to make the final determination of the acceptability of the test.

Evaluation Fee

There is a nonrefundable, one-time evaluation fee of

  • CHF 60 (regular fee)
  • CHF 30 for students (a copy of the student card has to be sent with the request)
  • CHF 0 for children and teenagers under 18 (yes, it is free!)

Qualifying Test Scores

Please have a look at our Qualifying test scores


Application Process

You are three steps away from joining Mensa.

  1. Please register below for the evaluation of your prior test result.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email with the postal address to which you should send your test result.
  3. Send us your test result per postal mail, and pay the evaulation fee (unless you are under 18).
    Please follow these instructions: Acceptable documentation
  4. Wait for up to three weeks until you hear back from us. If your result is accepted, you will receive an invitation to join Mensa.


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