EMAG - European Mensa Annual Gathering

The European Mensa Annual Gathering (EMAG) is the largest Mensa event in Europe. It was introduced in 2008, has taken place each year in August since then, and usually spans 5 days from Wednesday to Sunday. Each day offers several parallel tracks of events and lectures. Between 300 and 550 Mensans attended the previous EMAGs. Around 380 Mensans participated in the EMAG 2014.

List of European Mensa Annual Gatherings

2008 Köln, Germany
2009 Utrecht, Netherlands
2010 Prague, Czech Republic
2011 Paris, France
2012 Stockholm, Sweden
2013 Bratislava, Slovakia
2014 Zürich, Switzerland
2015 Berlin, Germany
2016 Kraków, Poland
2017 Barcelona, Spain
2018 Belgrade, Serbia
2019 Ghent, Belgium (August 7-11) Facebook, EMAG-Infos
2020 Brno, Czech Republic 
2021 Aarhus, Denmark
2022 Strasbourg, France
2023 United Kingdom (most likely, decision is not final yet)
2024 candidates wanted (see EMAG Panel)