Five finalists for the game prize «Mensa Preference 2013»

For the second time Mensa Switzerland awards the game prize «Mensa Preference». The award is dedicated to the best game published in 2012. During the last few months the members have selected the finalists who will compete at the Fête du Jeu on Mai 5, 2013 for the title «Mensa Preference 2013».

The following 5 games are the finalists:

«Divinare», a clever card game, which not only requires clairvoyant capabilites, but rather a understanding for probabilites and a bit of luck;

«Keyflower», an imaginative production game, whose challenging mechanism of bidding and producing demands smart planing;

«Noblemen», a scheming production game, whose manifold playing opportunities allow you to increase your influence and win the favor of the queen;

«Qin», a tricky strategy game, in which ingenious placing of your tiles permits you to expand the size of your provinces and conquer cities;

«Tzolk'in», an animated production game, which requires flawless planning of the deplyoing and withdrawal of your workers, because the wheel of time keeps rotating without remorse;

The winner of the «Mensa Preference 2013» will be decided by the jury of Mensa members and announced at the Fête du Jeu in Martigny on May 5, 2013.