Boardgame Arena M-CH group

09.11.2019 (All day)

Dearest Board Gamers in Mensa,

I want to create a group in Boardgame Arena (BGA) for the Swiss Mensa.
For those who do not know BGA, this is a site where you can play actual board games (like Carcassonne, Chess, Yahtzee, 7 Wonders, Seasons and a lot else) in a browser with other people. Here is a screenshot, me playing Terra Mystica:

On BGA there is an option to create closed groups, and those can organize internal championships, can create games only accessible for the group.

The aim of this event is to see if, at all, there are people interested. If so, then please register to BGA (if you haven't done that already), sign up for this event and tell me your user name in comment; mine is peterhorvath. On the date of this event I will create the Swiss Mensa group and invite you all.

This is an online event, you cannot attend in person.