Einstein Lectures: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

28.10.2013 - 19:30
29.10.2013 - 17:15
30.10.2013 - 19:30

It is once again time for the three annual Einstein lectures organized by the University of Bern and the Einsteinhaus. This years speaker will be Prof. Cédric Villani, a mathematician and winner of the Fields Medal, and who I have been told is a very interesting speaker. This year's talks are named:

- Of Triangles, Gas, Prices and Men (Monday)

- From Riemann to the Synthetic Theory of Ricci Curvature (Tuesday)

- Stars, Particles and Probabilities: What is the Fate of Galaxies? (Wednesday)

As usual one of the talks is much more technical and given with a academic audience in mind - this year it is most likely the lecture given Tuesday.

The talks take place in the aula in the main building of the university, the entrance is free and the lectures are given in English. I would suggest that you show up a bit earlier since the attendance can be high. For more info see http://www.einsteinlectures.ch/index.html.

I will be attending the lectures Monday and Tuesday but am unfortunately not able to do so Wednesday (although the talk sounds interesting).

Let me know if you are interested in meeting up (add a comment or send me a message).