Mensa Youth Camp 2018

13.07.2018 - 12:00
14.07.2018 (All day)
15.07.2018 (All day)
16.07.2018 (All day)
17.07.2018 (All day)
18.07.2018 (All day)
19.07.2018 (All day)
20.07.2018 (All day)
21.07.2018 (All day)
22.07.2018 - 12:00
Trevi, Umbria, Italy

Signup for this event is directly on . If you have any questions concerning the event, feel free to contact me under or 0795761956. 


What is it, where did it come from and how can I join the fun? 

MY-Camp is just one of many exciting activities organised by or associated to the international Mensa youth movement, also known as MY-SIG (Mensa Youth - Special Interest Group).

MY-SIG is the umbrella organisation behind MY-Camp, uniting young Mensans with a target age of 18-30, primarily around Europe. We do welcome all young-at-heart Mensans, assuming they are up to the pace and the fun.


MY-Camp is a 10 day summer camp offering a wide variety of activities as well as opportunities for spontaneously organising your own activities. Classics are: board games and poker/chess/backgammon tournaments, open mic night, karaoke, Rock Band, werewolf,  chill out lounge, gala party, pub quiz & summer games. Excursions fall in many categories: amusement parks, action events & sports activities as well as more classic like historical sites, nature and arts.


The venue is usually 100% exclusive to the camp, facilitating 24/7 activities. The logic goes like this: why go to bed, if you are in the middle of a ____ (insert: discussion, board game, pool party, karaoke or whatever you fancy). Hungry at 4 in the morning - no problem! The eternal brunch kitchen is set up to accommodate the round the clock camp life.


MY-Camp started as a one-off international version of the Danish MY-SIG summer camp in 2007, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Mensa Denmark. Many Dutch attended and loved it so much that they decided to organise a MY-Camp in 2008. That started the ball rolling, each year a new MY-Camp in a new country: Denmark, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania, UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Hungary and now Italy!


MY-SIG, the parent organisation behind MY-Camp also organises MY-NY (Mensa Youth - New Years camp), usually a 7 day camp in the country that organised MY-Camp the previous year.

You can join the SIG by participating in a camp, by joining the MY-SIG facebook group or the forum on The FB group has 2100 rather active members and has lists of youth related activities around the world.

MY-SIG is an official international SIG (iSIG) recognised by Mensa International, officially belonging to Mensa Denmark and led by SIG General Mikael Jensen. iSIGs are open to members from the whole wide world.


Associated events: week long MAP Camp in Australia (Mensans At Play), youth weekends in Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy and Hungary, and Gen-X & Gen-Y events in the US. More events are popping up all the time. Join the MY-SIG facebook group to be kept up to date.


Facebook group: MY-SIG

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