General Assembly 2021

11.09.2021 - 10:30

11th of September 2021 at 10:30 at the Altes Spital in Solothurn, and is planned to last until 13:00h, followed by a buffet lunch.

The GA is open to all members in good standing. In order to participate, you must have paid your membership fee for 2021/22 and all other dues owed to Mensa Switzerland before the start of the General Assembly.

If you want to attend any other events of the Annual Gathering besides the General Assembly, please check the Annual Gathering 2021 page and register for the events you want to attend there using the doodle links.

Proposed Agenda 2021

1. Address of Welcome
2. Appointment of vote counters / minute taker
3. Approval of the Agenda
4. Annual Report of the President
5. Information from the Board
6. Ombudsman’s Report
7. Financial Statement 2020/21 - Auditors’ Report - Approval of the Financial Statement
8. Formal Approval of the actions of the Board
9. Discharge of the Board
*Short break*
10. New Board takes office
11. Motions
12. Approval/Election - Forum Moderators - Ombudsperson - Auditors
13. Budget and Outlook - Approval of the Budget
14. AG 2022, AG 2023
15. Various

Motions and changes to the agenda must reach the Board before the 11th August 2021, the final agenda and the financial statement of the past year will be published here on 27th August 2021.

Please sign up here in this event for participation at the General Assembly 2021.

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