EMAG Panel

The EMAG Panel consists of representatives of current and past EMAG organisers. Potential future organisers are also invited to benefit from the discussions. 
The purpose of the EMAG Panel is to ensure continuity and exchange of information and experience between past and future organisers. If you want to organize the EMAG 2023 or 2024, please contact us.

Current Members

2008 Christine Warlies (Cologne, Germany)
2009 Arjen van der Lely (Utrecht, Netherlands)
2010 Tomas Blumenstein (Prague, Czech Republic)
2011 Cécile Besnier (Paris, France)
2012 Monika Orski (Stockholm, Sweden)
2013 Hana Dojcanova (Bratislava, Slovakia)
2014 Mark Dettinger (Zurich, Switzerland)
2015 Gabriele Meindl (Berlin, Germany)
2016 Magdalena Wasik (Kraków, Poland)
2017 Elena Sanz (Barcelona, Spain)
2018 Alexandra Borovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
2019 Stéphanie Querrière (Ghent, Belgium)

Group Email

panel at emag-mensa.eu

Guidelines for EMAG – European Mensa Annual Gathering (2012)

These guidelines are outdated. If you are interested in hosting an EMAG, please visit emag-mensa.eu, the official website of the EMAG panel.

=> emag-mensa.eu


EMAG Guidelines (2012)

Prepared by Björn Liljeqvist, Director of Smaller National Mensas, 19th of August 2012.

This document outlines the basic characteristics of an EMAG, including the process for selecting a host country. Compiled in august 2012, after the completion of the fifth EMAG (in Stockholm).

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