AMAG - Asian Mensa Gathering

AsiaThe Asian Mensa Annual Gathering (AMAG) is the largest Mensa event in Asia. It was introduced in 2011, has taken place each year since then, and usually spans 4 days from Friday to Sunday. Each day offers several parallel tracks of events and lectures. Between 200 and 400 Mensans attended the previous AMGs.

List of Asian Mensa Annual Gatherings

2011 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2012 Bali, Indonesia
2013 Singapore, Singapore
2014 Osaka, Japan  Sept. 12-14
2015 Seoul, South Korea (cancelled because of MERS)
2016 Ghuangzou, China
2017 Gold Coast, Australia, October 12-15
2018 Cebu, Philippines, September 6-9
2019 New Zealand
2020 South Korea

As a Swiss Mensan you are always welcome to join these international gatherings.