Six finalists for the board game prize «Mensa Preference»

For the first time, Mensa Switzerland awards the game prize «Mensa Preference» for the best game released in the last year.

In the last months, the Mensa members have determined the six finalists that will compete for the prize in the finals held on April 21st 2012 at the Fête du Jeu in Saxon.

The passionate game players in our High IQ Society started their quest in September 2011. They have chosen the games that made it onto the candidate list presented on January 1st. Since then, groups of players have met all over Switzerland to determine the games that will compete against each other in the finals at the Fête du Jeu, which will be held from April 20th to April 22nd in Saxon.

Since April 1st, the list of the finalists is complete. The chosen games are:

«Aquileia», a game of strategy and chance, rich in variety, in which victories in the arena and in the stadium influence the power of the villas you build.

«Miss Lupun», a little numbers game, simple and fast, but deep as the best riddle games

«Die Burgen von Burgund», a challenging building game, in which clear planning guarantees the flowering of your principality

«Ninja», a deduction game, ideally suited for 2, but playable with up to 4 people, in which dangerous Ninjas try to fulfill their mission in a fortress, in which the guards hear the slightest noise

«Tschak!», a lively adventure game, in which oddly mixed teams of magicians, warriors and dwarves try to conquer four towers filled with treasures and monsters

«Village», a game with an innovative mechanism that achieves by passage of time that not one hero or one family influences the game, but a whole dynasty

These games will be available at the Fête du Jeu. All members of Mensa Switzerland are encouraged to take part in the discussions on April 21st, when the winner of the «Mensa Preference» price will be termined.

La Fête du Jeu is a game festival in Saxon that lasts 52 hours, during which games are played around the clock. More than a thousand games that can be tested will be presented there. Volunteers who will explain all the game rules will be there, and a dozen tournaments for all tastes and age groups will be played where many prizes can be won. In 2011, more than 2000 guests visited the festival.

Mensa Preference Aquileia