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Once upon a time organisations could work with employees who all looked like Mister Average. Their life style, values, expectations and working ways were predictable; it was easy to recruit and reward them. Managers that were able to manage Mister Average, were able to perform 90% of their business timely and effectively. However, Mister Average doesn't exist any more. A great diversity of employees have made their entrance into the organisations of the 21st century. Organisations find it difficult to make the change from 'general' management to diversity management. Where to start and what actions will show the best effect? The secret of success lies not in a scattered approach but in structural policies. This book presents the methods and tools to work on structural policies, based on the ten critical success factors of diversity management. Readers will gain the most recent insights and find the way to set priorities and seize the opportunities that diversity offers - when it is managed well!