Mensa was founded in England in 1946 by Roland Berrill, a barrister, and Dr. Lance Ware, a scientist and lawyer. They had the idea of forming a society for bright people, the only qualification for membership of which should be a relatively high IQ. The original aims were, as they are today, to create a society that is non-political and free from all racial or religious distinctions.
The word "Mensa" means "table" in Latin. Mensa is a round-table society, where sex, age, race, color, creed, national origin, age, politics, educational or social background are not valued as entry criteria. The society welcomes people from almost every walk of life whose IQ ranges in the top 2% of the population, with the objective of enriching each other's company and participating in a wide range of social and cultural activities.

01.11.: NZZ Folio zum Thema "Das Superhirn"

Die Ausgabe vom 01.11.2010 des NZZ Folio beschäftigt sich mit dem Gehirn und der Frage, wie sich die Leistung des Gehirns steigern lässt.

Im Artikel "Ich bin doch nicht blöd" geht es darum, inwiefern ein gutes Gehirn resp. hohe Intelligenz nützlich ist.